Chapter 3: Among us logic

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A dead body was reported in Among Us. Then a red Among Us player with a red beanie talk to everyone at the meeting.

Red Player: Listen Stoner you got to believe us here! Vote off TheGentleman right now! Me and Y/n I've been trying to tell you everyone else in this horrible game meeting after meeting but No One Believes us! I mean you listen to Y/n and believed him about the first imposter! But you won't listen to us about TheGentleman! He's never done a single task! He's been caught next to the scene of the crime! And he's wearing two top hats! Only an insane person would do that

Y/ is wearing a cyan Among Us suit with a knight helmet and then spoke.

Y/n: It's the worst part about him and the thing that would make him most likely to be the Imposter.

Red Player: Vote him off now and we can win the game!

Stoner: whoa really sounds like you're both gasping at straws there compadres. Have either of you got. Like any further Evidence or whatever?

Red Player: Okay. Okay. Okay. Let us just start from the beginning.

8 minutes earlier...

Red Player who had his name labeled as Player spawned into Among Us and there were several other players there

Player: Huh? So this is the Among Us game everyone's been talking about.

???: Yes. Yes indeed good sir.

He turns to see a black Among Us character with two top hats and standing next to him was an orange player with a piece of cheese on his head.

Player: Oh. Hello there.

???: Allow me to introduce myself.

He takes off both of he's top hats in a greeting manner.

TheGentleman: My name is TheGentleman. This here is my associate MrCheese.

MrCheese: My name MrCheese.

TheGentleman then got mad.

TheGentleman: Speak when ( slapped him in the face.) spoken to MrCheese! My apologies. It appears MrCheese has yet to learn his manners

MrCheese: Owie.

Player: Uh. Okay.

TheGentleman: And it looks like your name is Player.

He looks up to see a name label

TheGentleman: How charmingly quaid.

Player: Well actually my name is...

TheGentleman stops him from saying his name.

TheGentleman: Mr.Player everyone goes by their usernames in here.

Player: Oh. Okay got it.

TheGentleman: Let me introduce you to the rest of The ensemble.

They turn to see a brown Among Us player with a cowboy hat chewing on a piece of hay.

TheGentleman: That right there at Sheriff, He is a bit of a loose cannon. Very accusatory.

Then there is a yellow Among Us player with a Halo on top of her head.

TheGentleman: Then there's his counterpart Angel, A perfect role model for any Crewmate.

Then they see a green Among Us player with the leaf plant thing on his head and he's doing double peace signs.

TheGentleman: Next we got Stoner. He's a rather peculiar individual.

Then we see both a blue player and a pink character hugging together romantically.

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