Chapter 25: Minecraft logic 2

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Player and Y/n were putting the finishing touches on rebuilding their farm.

Player: And there. The entire farm is operational again.

Y/n: And it only took us 20 minutes.

Vetterham: Yeah, the creeper that blew up this place was a major jerk.

Player: All creepers are jerks.

???: Wow, dude.

They turned and saw a creeper.

Creeper: That's seriously unchill.

Player: No, no, no! Please don't blow up! We just rebuild everything!

Y/n: You aren't talking our farm! Not without a fight anyway!

He drew his stone sword.

Creeper: Dude, is that all you think us creepers care about? Exploding innocent players houses and farms? Some of us actually care about developing local infrastructure.

Player: Wow. Really?

Creeper: Nah, I'm just here to blow up all your cool stuff.

He was about to blow.

Player: No!!!

Y/n: Gotta make a wall!

Y/n build a dirt wall in front of him and the creeper blew up everything and Player got damaged.

Vetterham: Yikes. Good thing you we're here to shield me from the blast.

Y/n: Sorry, Player. But I only had enough time to make one wall.

Player: It's fine, Y/n. Forget this place. Come on, guys. We're hitting the road.

Y/n: To go where?

Player: I've had enough with the rural life. We're gonna go live in the big city.

Y/n: Okay, let's give it a try.

Vetterham: Nice, montage time.

One montage later.

The three were standing in front of a village.

Player: Look at it, guys. Isn't it beautiful?

Y/n: It certainly is.

Vetterham: That village over there? I mean, I guess.

Player: It's got everything you'd ever need. Tons of food, nice warm beds, cuddly little cats. Not to mention the townsfolk are so wise and well-spoken.

They saw a villager and he went "huh".

Vetterham: Yeah, there's some real Einsteins.

Y/n: (Whispered: Let's just avoid them, Vetterham.)

???: Hello, fine Sirs.

A Tradesman walked up to them.

Tradesman: I am the Tradesman. Could I perhaps interest you in a trade? I have several valuable items I could part with, given I'm supplied with enough emeralds of course.

Player: I don't have very many on me.

Y/n: Yeah, me neither. What do you want to trade?

Tradesman: How about some corn flour?

Player/Y/n: No.

Tradesman: Melon seeds?

Y/n: I'll take a some.

Tradesman: Lovely. Two emeralds please.

They both traded.

Player: Y/n, why would you waste your emeralds on seeds?

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