Chapter 57: Boyfriend and Kenneth vs. BOB?! Friday Night Funkin' Logic

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Player, Y/n, Girlfriend and Kelly were in some black void with one's and zeros on it with a creature that was completely black except for its mouth and eyes which were white.

Creature: Listen here, you sick little rats. I looked at you both as a fun joke for my own gain. Instead, somehow you come around and ruin everything!

Girlfriend: We didn't do anything.

Creature: I will not let this go easily.

Player: Do your worst.

Y/n: And we'll hit you back with our best.

Earlier that day.

The gang appeared in a world that looked like a kids drawing. With them being on a little green hill, a blue sky and a smiling sun.

Girlfriend: Aw, what a happy little world. (gasp) Look, the sun is even smiling.

Y/n: This world definitely looks like something someone would put on a refrigerator for decorating.

Girlfriend: Did a kid draw this?

Player: Let's hope so.

Kelly: Oh, when Y/n and I have kids I hope they make us tons of drawings like this!

Y/n: (blushing) Okay, Kelly. Let's slow down a little, we just got engaged.

A white thing with a frownig Dream face and a slim like body walked over to them.

White character: What are you?

Player: Uh, whoa, dude. Manners much?

Girlfriend: My name is Girlfriend. And this my twin sister, Kelly and her boyfriend, Y/n.

Kelly: Hello.

Y/n: Yo.

White character: You boyfriend?

Player: If you're asking if I'm Girlfriend's boyfriend, then yes. If you're asking if my name is Boyfriend, then technically also yes, but only because I'm in this game. Otherwise, my name is Player.

White character: You look stupid.

Y/n: He looks stupid? Have you seen yourself recently?

Player: Yeah, or your world? It's like a toddler drew it. Smiling happy suns are for babies.

Clouds surrounded the sun and it stopped smiling.

Girlfriend: Player. Oh, you made it sad!

Kelly: And I was enjoying it.

Player: He started it!

White character: What was that for? You've made Bob angry!

Player: You named your sun Bob?

Bob: No, I'm Bob. You made me so mad, bro.

Y/n: Who on Earth still refers to themselves in the third person?

Player: Yeah, everything about this mod is so basic. Nice Dream costume, by the way.

Bob: Huh?

Y/n: Player, that's not Dream.

Player: What are you talking about? His face looks exactly like Dream's mask.

Y/n: Yeah, but he doesn't have any green on him.

Girlfriend: Uh, who's Dream?

Player: The famous minecrafter.

Girlfriend: Minecraft?

Y/n: Just forget it.

Bob: I will make you pay.

Suddenly, the world around them changed. The sky became this red and black swirling void with red spikes coming from the ground. Bob also went from white to completely black with creepy googly eyes.

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