Chapter 41: Among Us Logic: Novisor and Yesvisor, the Final Chapter.

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Player was holding the red and black knife and Y/n was standing next to him holding the blue and white sword.

Player: It was you two, this whole time. You wanted me to feel weak, to believe that I could never succeed.

Y/n: And to make me feel like I couldn't help, to believe he was nothing more to me than a burden.

Player: You've haunted us our entire life. We only now just realized it.

Y/n: All this time, I was angry with myself when I should've been angry with you two!

Novisor and Yesvisor was standing in front of them, one of Novisor's hand turned into a crowbar while Yesvisor's arm turned into a sword.

Novisor: So, you finally figured it out?

Yesvisor: Just understand something right now, Y/n. If you became my vessel you would be able to unlock your true potential.

Y/n: I've already found my true potential, and that's with Player.

Yesvisor: Don't you get it, that loser is holding you back.

Y/n: He's not a loser!

Player: And I'll prove it now. I'm not gonna lose, not this time. I'll win with Y/n.

Y/n: And we'll show you both our true potential.

Both Novisor and Yesvisor let out a huge roar.

Player/Y/n: Let's do it!

They both charged at the ghost.

Earlier that day.

Player and Y/n were sitting in beanbag chairs and they were playing a fighting game against each other on Xbox.

Y/n: I'm gonna beat ya, Player.

Player: We'll see about that.

Player did lose the game and the TV said. "Y/n wins. Player will never win."

Player: Arg. This is so stupid! I never get to win!

Player threw his controller.

Player: Why am I so bad at everything? And why are you so good at everything, Y/n?!

Y/n: Player, I'm not good at everything. I lose sometimes too.

Player: Yeah, but you don't lose nearly as much as I do.

Y/n: You'll win one day, I'm sure of it.

Player: Stop! You always say, but it's never going to happen!

Both purple and yellow Among Us players walked up behind them.

Purple player: Oh, honey. I know this must be really frustrating for you.

Yellow player: But you need to learn two things. One, nothing in life is going to be handed to you on a silver platter. You have to fight for it.

Player: That's not the case for Y/n. All he has to do is try something once and he's instantly good at it.

Yellow player: Which leads me to the second thing. Even though someone may seem invincible and that they'll never fall, even they have their flaws and weaknesses.

Y/n: Yeah, and I'm a good example of that, Player. Even though I win most of the time, that doesn't make you the perfect gamer. And my one flaw is that I can't help my friend win.

Player's Dad: He understands, don't you, son?

Player: Yeah, Dad. And I'm sorry that I make you feel worthless, Y/n.

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