Chapter 21: Among Us logic 17

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(Y/n and Player moments)

Player and Y/n were sitting in the lobby.

Player: So, why did you fallow me into the cheaters lobby?

Y/n: You're my best friend, Player. I couldn't just leave you in some cheaters lobby all alone.

Player: But I hardly meant anything to anybody. But Captain was right, you meant something to everyone here and you abandoned them all for a loser like me.

Y/n: Player, I want you to look me in the visor, right now.

Player did what he said.

Y/n: You are not a loser, you're my friend and the one person I want to win a game with and about that Captain I will never forget or forgive him for what he did. Caused a zombie virus just to hurt you when he could have just talk to you.

Player: I understand your frustration, Y/n. Let's just change the subject, okay?

Y/n: Fine.

Player: I'll tell you, I understand what it's like to be single like you.

Y/n: So, Noob really broke up with you, huh?

Player: Yeah.

Y/n: She didn't deserve your love anyways. If she was going to break up with you over at a game then maybe she wasn't the one for you.

Player: You really think so?

Y/n: I know so, we can now go on the finding the of finding girlfriend path together.

Player: Yeah, you're right.

They both fist pumped.

(Start of real Chapter)

A dog that kinda looked like MrCheese got thrown into an alley in the rain by a white Among Us guy in a chef's hat.

Chef guy: And stay out you mangy mutt! Next time I see you trying to steal food from my restaurant, I'll slice you up and serve you to the patrons!

The chef shut the door on the dogs face and he sadly went to a cardboard box and laid down in an attempt to go to sleep and a pause scene happened.

Player: Wait a minute, what does any of this have to do with who the Killers are?

To present.

MrCheese, Captain, Player, and blue Y/n were sitting around a fire with both Y/n and MrCheese on the left side and both Player and Captain on the right side.

MrCheese: We're getting to that, Player.

Y/n: Yeah, and my part of the story isn't all about who the Impostors are. I'm also telling you guys that I've met MrCheese before.

MrCheese: Do you want to hear the whole story? Or not?

Captain: Yeah, Player. It was just starting to get good and I'm interested to know how Y/n met MrCheese.

Y/n: (Whispered: I'll blow your head off, Captain.)

Captain: What was that, Y/n?

Y/n: Nothing, Captain.

Player: Fine. Please continue with the story.

MrCheese: Ahem. So anyways, eventually Cheddar was able to fall asleep in the alleyway.

Back to flashback.

MrCheese was looking at a light up mirror.

MrCheese: (story telling) at the time, I was working as a sign spinner. You know. Trying to pay my way through Crewmate college and I was barely able to make ends meet.

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