Chapter 9: Among Us logic 7

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Player was on a board over the lava pool on Polus and everyone was lined up behind him.

Player: Please, you guys are making a horrible mistake, it's not me.

TheGentleman was wearing a wizard outfit with a beard and a scepter.

TheGentleman: Be silent, keep your forked tongue behind your teeth.

Player: Wait, that kind of sounds like a line from Lord of the Rings. And why are you dressed like that?

Captain has a lightsaber a red beard and a brown coat.

Captain: You were the chosen one, it was said you would destroy the Impostors not join them.

Player: Okay, that one was clearly Revenge of the Sith.

Mother, Timmy, and Franklin we're all dressed up in some kind of Viking get up.

Mother: They may take our Crewmates but they'll never take our Victory!!!

Player: All right. What is happening right now?

MrCheese was wearing a blue dress and had brown hair with pig tails and a cyan dog with one eye.

MrCheese: Duh Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

Player: That doesn't even make sense in this context.

Y/n was green and was in a wheelbarrow with a black robe on.

Y/n: The North will never bow to you Impostors.

Player: You too Y/n? This is madness.

Veteran walked up to Player with a red cape.

Veteran: Madness? This is Among Us!!!

He kicked player off the board and as player was falling into the lava a pause seen happened.

Player: So you're probably wondering how I found myself in this situation. Well, let me show you the person who's responsible for ruining my life.

We see a blue guy with a Viking helmet on.

Player: His name is Blue. Don't be fooled by that folksy Viking look he's got going on, this guy is trouble, don't believe me. Let's go all the way back to the beginning.

We rewind it to see Blue spawning into the Dropship but he's green instead of blue and he walks over to Player Veteran and Y/n.

Blue: Wait. I'm green?

Y/n: Yeah, seems like it.

Blue sees that Y/n was blue.

Blue: You! Give me back my color!

Y/n: Why should I?

Blue: How about because I said so.

Y/n: Cuz you said so. Wow, that totally wants to make me give up my color.

Player: Will you guys please settle down?

Blue: Look, I'll make you a deal.

Y/n: What kind of deal?

Blue: You let me be blue this one game and then exchange if you ever see me again you can pick what I wear and I'll wear that forever.

Y/n: Deal.

Y/n change to green and Blue change to blue.

Blue: So, anyways I'm new to this lobby. I just wanted to say hey before the game starts.

Player: Well hello, my name's Player, you can call my best friend here Veteran, and I'm sure you already met my other best friend Y/n.

Veteran: Finally me and Player won't be the biggest noobs here anymore.

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