Chapter 50: ORIGIN of EVIL BOYFRIEND and KENNETH... Friday Night Funkin' Logic

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Daddy Dearest who now didn't have his mustache or top hats, and just wearing a leather jacket with nothing underneath growled in anger, snapped his fingers and Pico appeared behind him, but Pico was completely black except for his eyes and a creepy smile that were red, his gun looked like it had blood on it, and he had chains around his torso.

Player: No, not Pico too!

Y/n: I always knew it would come to this.

Pico started shooting out of them but Y/n easily deflected them with his sword.

Daddy Dearest: Enough games.

He snapped his fingers again and the lemon monster snuck up behind Player and Y/n and attacked them and while they Daddy Dearest laughed like a maniac the same black stuff that was on Pico was starting to cover them too.

Earlier that day.

The gang was on the stage where they first got together and both Girlfriend and Kelly were in golfing clothes and they were with an African American woman with a black athro and golf club.

Player: The thing is, I don't understand why me and Y/n can't go play golf with you two and your friend.

Girlfriend: Player, I love you.

Kelly: As do I for Y/n, but we don't need to be around each other 24/7.

Girlfriend: Yeah, we haven't seen our bestie Carol in forever and we deserve a girl's day out.

Kelly: (sigh) I'm sorry I'm leaving you with no one except Player. Are you gonna be okay here for a little bit, babe.

Y/n: I'll be fine, sweetie, but I would like that kiss now.

Kelly: Sure.

Kelly kissed him on the cheek and he blushed.

Player: (Whispering: Stupid Girlfriend having a live outside your relationship.)

Girlfriend: What was that?

Player: (sweating) Uh, nothing.

Y/n: No. He said, "Stupid Girlfriend having a live outside your relationship." Although Player whispered it, I'd say the first part loud enough for you to hear it, stupid Girlfriend.

Girlfriend: Grr, (takes golf club) try saying that without any teeth.

Y/n drew his sword in response.

Y/n: Come at me than.

Player: Whoa, whoa. Let's all calm down now.

Carol: Wow, you weren't kidding when you said there was huge drama between them.

Kelly: Me and Player try our best to tame it.

Carol: So, you two about ready to go?

Girlfriend: Absolutely. It feels like forever since we've hit the links

Kelly: Wonder if I still got it.

Player: For what it's worth, this is the first time Girlfriend has ever mentioned golfing. Or you, by the way.

Carol: Oh, well, my name's Carol.

Player: Yeah, I'm aware.

Y/n: Well, Kelly has told me a few things about you and it's nice to finally meet you, Carol.

Carol: The pleasure is all mine, Y/n.

They both shook hands.

Player: Typical, your girlfriend tells you everything about her personal life, while mine doesn't tell me a single thing about her's.

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