Chapter 60: BOYFRIEND and KENNETH vs. SUNDAY! Friday Night Funkin' Logic

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Player and Y/n were with a tan girl with black hair in a bedhead, a gray shirt under a buffalo plaid jacket and Jean shorts who was playing a guitar.

Player: No way!

Earlier that day.

Player and Y/n were walking with their girlfriends and Carol who were in their golf attires.

Player: Look, I'm not saying I would've beat you, but I definitely would have done better if I was in the proper attire.

Carol: Then why didn't you change?

Girlfriend: Yeah, I told you we were going golfing.

Player: I thought it was more of a mini golf sort of thing.

Carol: Mini golf? Where's the challenge in that? Do you also use the bumpers when you go bowling?

Player: Hey! Getting proper bounce off those bumpers takes an enormous amount of skill!

Carol: Right.

Carol felt a cold gaze hitting her. She turned around to see it was Y/n with his Flare surrounding him.

Y/n: You might want to watch what comes out of that mouth before I burn it shut, Carol.

Carol: (sweating) Right, sorry.

Kelly: Sweetie, why didn't you want to play a game.

Y/n: Someone has to keep score.

Girlfriend: Sure you weren't scared?

Y/n: Big talk from someone who lost to her younger sister by three holes.

Carol: Yeah, you could have done better, Girlfriend.

Girlfriend: Who's side are you on? Whatever. I'm just excited to see Sunday again. She's back from tour, right?

Carol: Yeah.

Kelly: It's been so long, and we have so much catching up to do.

Player: Wait, "Sunday"? Who's Sunday?

Y/n: Is she your sister, Carol?

Carol: Not my sister, my roommate. Don't get too excited, she's probably asleep.

Girlfriend: At 4 in the afternoon?

Carol: Yeah, it's weird. I know.

Y/n: This girl sounds like she needs to get her life together.

Carol: Just be quiet. If you wake her up, she'll go on and on about historical materialism.

Y/n: That actually sounds pretty interesting.

They got inside Carol's house.

Girlfriend: All right, time to get out of this golf gear.

Carol: Yeah, then maybe we can watch some Hamilton.

Girlfriend: Oh, I love Hamilton.

Kelly: It's so inspiring.

Carol: Yeah, Sunday hates it. Saying it's "glorifying slave owners." I'm like, "let me listen to some Founding Fathers spit bars." Or whatever.

They left Player and Y/n in the living room where Sunday was sleeping.

Y/n: So, do we just uh.

Player: I guess we'll make ourselves at home.

Player accidentally sat on Sunday causing her to wake up.

Sunday: What the?

Player: Sorry, sorry. I didn't wake you up, did I? Please don't talk to me about historical materialism! I don't even know what it is.

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