Chapter 12: Among Us logic 10

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Note: hey guys I'm going to give the male reader some moments with the other Gametoons characters like just them alone I'm not the only one who has thought of this so it's not my original idea so let's get into the moments.

(Y/n and MrCheese moments.)

Y/n and MrCheese are leaning against the walls of Polus.

Y/n: So. Why'd you do it?

MrCheese: Why'd I do what?

Y/n: Why would you disguise yourself as Player?

MrCheese: I guess so I could get TheGentelman back.

Y/n: But why? He treated you terribly.

MrCheese: Yeah, but we still had a lot of good times too.

Y/n: I guess I should understand that.

MrCheese: But I appreciate you looking out for me.

Y/n: It's no problem at all.

They both stop leaning and MrCheese got out a knife while Y/n got out his sword.

Y/n Ready to start?

MrCheese: Sure am pal.

They both go off to find their victims

( start of real story.)

Player is being held at gunpoint.

Player: Captain shoot him, he's the the fake Player.

Captain turned to someone who looked exactly like Player but he had a more robotic voice.

Player 2: No fellow Crewmate, this non-humanoid should be your primary target. Eliminate, eliminate.

Captain is sweating while trying to determine which one he should shoot and black Y/n is standing next to him.

Captain: God, it's could be either of you.

Player: Really? I feel like it's pretty obvious.

Robot Player: Affirmative, this replicant is clearly the robot, initiate termination procedure Captain.

The real Player faceplamed and sighed.

Captain: It's just too hard to tell. What do you think about this Y/n?

Y/n: I know which one is the robot is.

Captain: Then you take the gun and shoot the fake.

Y/n: I'm a Crewmate, in my hands that gun is useless. Wait. How are you even going to be able to use it?

Captain: No time to think about that Y/n, just tell me which one I should shoot.

Y/n: Shoot the one on the left.

Captain: That does sound reasonable but what if you are wrong and the one on the right is the robot.

Y/n sighed.

Captain: Guess I'm going to have to shoot one of them at random.

Y/n: That does not sound like a good idea.

Captain just ignore him and held the gun to the Real Player.

Player: Wait, wait, hold on a sec.

Robot Player: Yes, maybe we can formulate another plan.

Captain: Well, we could ask a series of questions that only the real Player would know.

Player: Yes, yes, let's do that, great idea Captain.

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