Chapter 7: Among Us logic 5

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Veteran was dancing and practicing some wrapping Moves In the bathroom of Polus then Player knock on the bathroom door.

Player: Come on Vet Rap It, you're up.

Veteran: Just, just give me a minute.

He looks in the mirror.

Veteran: alright Veteran,you only get one shot. Do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity only comes once in a lifetime.

Then music starts playing in veteran starts singing that song Pick it up with Player Dancing along and blue Y/n as the DJ and when Veteran finish the song the whole crowd went wild but turns out the whole thing was just a dream.

Player: Veteran.

Y/n: Dude wake up.

Veteran open his visor.

Veteran: I'm awake, I'm awake.

Player: Let me guess. The 8 Mile dream again?

Veteran: Yeah.

Y/n: Was I as good a DJ as always?

Veteran: You sure were home dog.

Player: How'd the gorillas react?

Veteran: Oh no. That's the weird part this time the crowd was just full of normal people.

Y/n: Sure, that's the weird part.

Player: Well, there's no more time for napping. Captain says he's going to make an important announcement soon.

Veteran: Tight.

TheGentleman and MrEgg walked over to them.

TheGentleman: Salutation my good sirs, and my favorite little headache.

Y/n: Nice to see you too TheGentleman.

Veteran: What's up my homies?

Player: Hey TheGentleman.

Player looks at MrEgg with the same unamused look that Y/n gives to TheGentleman.

Player: And MrEgg.

MrEgg: What do you think Captain's announcement is going to be?

Player: (mocking) What do you think Captain's announcement's gonna to be? That's how stupid you sound all the time MrEgg, you idiot, you dumb dork moron.

TheGentleman: Mr. Player, you forget yourself.

Y/n: (mocking) Mr. Player you forget yourself. That's what you sound like you double Top Hat freak.

TheGentleman: Now I'm starting to get really sick of you.

Veteran: Yeah dudes, Player you're giving off a really weird energy. While Y/n it's giving off a real hateful energy.

Y/n pointed at TheGentleman while Player pointed at MrEgg.

Player/Y/n: He started it.

Captain: All right, pay attention everyone. I thought maybe we could try something a little bit different this round. What do you think about adding a third Impostor?

TheGentleman: A third Imposter?! That's lunacy!

MrEgg: It's lunacy he says!

Both Player and Y/n we're mocking them.

Mother: Yeah, two Impostors are bad enough ( hugs both Timmy and Franklin close to her) think of the children.

Stoner: Dudes like it might mess with the whole vibe. You know?

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