Chapter 46: GARCELLO, TABI & KAPI?! Friday Night Funkin' Logic

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It was night in the city and the twin couples were out for a nice walk until they heard a lot of coughing coming from an alleyway when they went to check it out they saw a tall man with a brown hat, green hair, pale skin, a black hoodie over a white shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes holding a cigarette and coughing.

Girlfriend: Uh, you okay there, buddy?

Player: Yeah, that cough doesn't sound too good.

Y/n: Do you need us to call a doctor?

Cigarette guy: (cough) No, it's cool little man and knight guy. In fact, do either of you want to take a drag?

Player: Uh, no thanks.

Y/n: Same for me. Thanks anyway.

Cigarette guy: Not giving in to peer pressure, huh? I can respect that, it's smart.

Kelly: And you can be smart too if you just stopped.

Cigarette guy: Well, the only reason I got into it was because I figured your dad is going to kill me anyways, or worse. So what do I have to lose?

Player: Yeah, I've been meaning to ask you both about that. Why does everybody me and Y/n battle against say something horrible about your dad? What are we getting ourselves into by joining this family?

Girlfriend: What our father does work hours is none of our business, Player.

Y/n: He just asked you a simple question and that's your response? You need to work on how you treat your boyfriend.

Girlfriend: And you need to mind your own business, (red eyes) Y/n.

Y/n got in her face.

Y/n: Now, I think it's about time (held his sword to her throat) you learned a little respect.

Kelly: I don't give kisses to bad boys, you know.

Player: And I don't appreciate my best friend and my girlfriend fighting either.

Y/n and Girlfriend turned away from each other.

Girlfriend/Player: Whatever.

Cigarette guy: Honestly, it's not even worth getting into, too sad really.

Player: So, why are you out here in the middle of a random alleyway?

Cigarette guy: I don't know. I saw this boombox and just thought it'd be a good place to chill for a couple hours.

Player: Yeah, why are these things everywhere?

Y/n: Does someone just place these speakers in random places expecting someone walk by them and have a rap battle?

Girlfriend and Kelly got on the speaker.

Girlfriend: I don't know. But they make great benches.

Kelly: Their kinda hard though.

Player: You both just want to get out of standing around in heels.

Girlfriend: Well, heels aren't fun to stand around in all day.

Kelly: Especially when you run in them.

Player: Then why do you two wear them?

Girlfriend: Oh, my God, Player. Please do not try to talk fashion with us.

Kelly: I have actually thought about getting new shoes.

Cigarette guy: Hey everybody, let's just calm down, all right? You're sort of harshing my vibes right now.

Player: Yeah, sorry, you're right. What's your name anyways.

Garcello: Garcello.

Player: That's such a cool name. Garcello.

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