Chapter 5: Among Us logic 3

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A yellow Among Us player with a crown on his head was running down the halls of Myra HQ.

Yellow Player: Where is he? Where is he?

Cyan Y/n was chasing him down with a knight sword in his hand they both go into the cafeteria and the yellow player try to find somewhere to hide.

Y/n: Veteran. Where are you?

Veteran: No,no,no. This can't be happening, this is my nightmare.

Player: Don't worry I think you're safe in here.

He turns around and sees Player's ghost flying above his dead body then Veteran started screaming what's then let the Player screaming and then Y/n started screaming.

Veteran: Wait uh. Why are you yelling? Aren't you the Imposter?

Y/n: Oh right.

He gets out his sword and slashes Veteran in half then the Imposters one which was Y/n and Poopyfarts Y/n pulled Poopyfarts finger and a massive explosion happened in the distance and Veterans spawned in the Drop ship and started complaining.

Veteran: All right that's it let's all go back to playing Fall Guys.

Player: What? No, just give this game of chance.

Y/n: Yeah it's really fun.

Veteran: You only say that because you got your first win before me or Player. And anyways I just think this game would be a lot better if I knew who the killers were from the start and was more about running away from the Imposters then about solving a mystery. There could be obstacles and booby traps to stop the runners oh, and when you cross the finish line you're safe forever And you move on to the next round. Actually you could probably just get rid of the imposters all together and make it more like a series of challenges that'll eliminate more and more people until there's one ultimate victor.

Player: Okay you literally just described Fall Guys.

Veteran: Exactly.

Y/n: But the mystery part is what's so fun about this game.

TheGentleman walk to them with someone who is orange like MrCheese but instead of a cheese hat he had an egg yoke on his head.

TheGentleman: Ah. What is charming specimen.

Veteran: Who you calling a specimen pal?

Y/n: Yeah he has a name so use it.

Player: Hey TheGentleman. Who's your new friend?

TheGentleman: This here is my associate MrEgg.

MrEgg: Hello their fellas, MrEgg here. So nice to me any acquaintances of TheGentleman.

Veteran: Okay, Are we seriously going to go out over the fact that he called me a specimen?

Player: What happened to MrCheese?

Y/n: I guess that's a yes Veteran.

Veteran: Wow.

TheGentleman: MrCheese and I came to a mutual agreement to terminate our partnership.

Player: I'm sorry to hear that TheGentleman.

Veteran: Yeah sounds like you got dumbed. Not surprise you have horrible fashion sense.

Y/n: Yeah and it seems you have MrEgg for the rebound guy.

TheGentleman: Why I never. What could possibly lead you make a Preposterous accusation? And MrEgg is not some "rebound guy" he's my new work associate.

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