Chapter 61: BOYFRIEND and KENNETH vs. BIG SISTER?! Friday Night Funkin'

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The gang were in an alleyway at night.

Player: So, what exactly are we doing here?

Girlfriend: We told you. It's a surprise.

Player: You know I'm not a fan of those. Nothing is scarier than the unknown.

Y/n: Yeah. Though a surprise can sometimes be a good thing.

Kelly: Well, you two are definitely going to like this one.

At that moment, a woman with cyan hair like Player and Y/n walked by.

Girlfriend: Wait, there she is! Big Sister!

Big Sister turned to them and Player got a good look at her.

Player: Why does this freak look like me and Y/n?

Y/n: Player, we don't even know her.

Kelly: What do you mean, Y/n? You've known her throughout your life.

Y/n: Huh?

Big Sister: Oh, my God! It's you!

She grabbed Player and squeeze him so tight, his face turned purple.

Big Sister: Oh, I miss you so much, little bro!! How have you been? Oh, I haven't seen you in so long.

Player: Can't... breathe. Guys... help.

Big Sister: Whoops.

Y/n: Um, excuse me, miss.

Big Sister dropped Player and looked at Y/n.

Big Sister: Oh, Kenneth. I was just about to give you a hug.

Big Sister hugged him too.

Big Sister: Oh, I haven't seen you since forever! I love the new outfit, by the way.

Y/n: Uh, thanks. I guess.

Girlfriend: Hello. I'm Girlfriend.

Kelly: And I'm her sister, Kelly.

Girlfriend: (blushing) We're dating your little bros.

Kelly: (blushing) We're actually engaged, but...

Big Sister let go of Y/n.

Big Sister: OMG. I'm literally obsessed with your hair. Especially your smooth style, Kelly. Y/n has good taste.

Girlfriend/Kelly: Thank you.

Player got back up.

Player: can you two quit fraternizing with the Enemy? This crazy chick just tried to strangle me! And she hugged Y/n out of nowhere.

Girlfriend: Player, this is your big sister.

Kelly: And Y/n's adopted sister.

Player/Y/n: What?

Big Sister: Maybe I squeezed him a bit too hard.

Player: Is this some kind of joke?

Girlfriend: No. This person is literally your older sibling. Don't you remember?

Player: I've never met this person before in my life.

Y/n: I'm starting to remember a little. We built sand castles with her in the summer, Player.

Big Sister: See, Boyfriend. Kenneth knows it's me.

Player: See, the fact that you called me Boyfriend and called Y/n Kenneth kinda proves that we don't know her. What's going on here?

Girlfriend: Well, you've met most of our family. Daddy Dearest. Mommy Mearest. Our pet cat, Bubsy.

Kelly: Me.

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