Chapter 32: Minecraft logic 3: Herobrine

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Player and Y/n spawned into a Minecraft lobby.

Player: Okay, a fresh world, a new start.

Y/n: Hopefully there won't be any crazy llamas here.

They looked around and saw a bunch of fog.

Player: Weird, fog.

Y/n: I don't remember fog being in the other worlds we've played.

Player: Did we open up an old version of the game or something? Well, we better get exploring.

Y/n: Right behind you, Player.

They both started to walk but little did they know someone who looked like Player's character with glowing white eyes was watching them.


Player and Y/n were walking in the dark.

Player: Dang, it's almost completely dark.

Y/n: It's doesn't really feel like it's been that long though.

Player: We haven't collected as many resources as we had hoped.

Y/n: Well, I at least collect enough to make me (draws a wooden sword) this new sword, so I can protect us.

Player: And luckily I got enough stuff to make this bow.

Player/Y/n: There's monsters afoot.

They kept walking until they saw a tunnel in the side of a mountain.

Player: What the? I didn't make this. Did you?

Y/n: No, I was with you the whole time.

They looked in the tunnel.

Player: Hello?!

Y/n: Is anyone in there?!

There was no response.

Player: Man, when did Minecraft get so creepy?

They heard rustling in the background.

Player: Hey, who goes there?!

They saw a figure in the grass.

Y/n: We're warning you, we have weapons and we're not afraid to use them!

Player: Yeah, what he said!

Y/n: Wait, is that-

Player was getting an arrow ready.

Y/n: Player, Wait, that's-

Player shot the arrow before Y/n could finish and it hit the figure.

Figure: Oh, God! Why?!

Y/n: Vetterham.

Player: Did you say "Vetterham"?

They ran to him and without them realizing it white eyes were staring at them through the tunnel. Then the two of them saw Vetterham laying on the ground with the arrow sticking out of his side.

Vetterham: Who would be stupid enough to shoot arrows into the fog like that?!

Player: Vetterham, is that you.

Vetterham: Okay, yep. That checks out.

Player: Yikes. Sorry, I thought you were a zombie or something.

Vetterham: Well, that's understandable. Zombies and pigs look exactly alike, not!

Vetterham started to laugh but then started to feel pain.

Vetterham: Oh God! The laughter from my sick burn hurts my lungs.

Y/n: You shouldn't burn the guy who's trying to help you, ya know?

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