Chapter 37: Friday Night Funkin' Logic, but MODS

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Player, Girlfriend, Y/n, and Kelly were in a white room with the speaker and a teenage girl with long cyan light blue hair, a short-sleeved white shirt with a red check mark on it, and a dark blue skirt and her along with Girlfriend and Y/n had bruises all over them.

Player: Look, Sky. Thank you for rescuing us from Tricky the clown, but I'm with Girlfriend, I'm sorry.

Sky: Wh-What?

Girlfriend got on the speaker with her bruises gone.

Girlfriend: Ha.

Y/n: Player, do you know what you're giving up?

Sky: Well, then if I can't be with either of you...

She made a weird hand sign and her eyes turned red along with her voice more demonic.

Sky: Then nobody can!

Earlier that day.

Whitty Mod.

The gang was walking down an alleyway.

Player: So, with the main game done now me and Y/n have to beat a bunch of mods?

Girlfriend: (giggle) That's right, Boyfriend, all to prove your love me and Kelly.

Kelly: Not that you need to, Y/n.

Player: But why though?

Kelly: Well, I already know he loves me. Obviously.

Player: I meant with the mods. I understand us needing to win over your parents. I mean, if we're gonna work out long-term the family's gotta love us, and why wouldn't they? We're basically the dream son-in-laws.

Girlfriend: #Relationship goals.

Kelly: I second that.

Player: Right, but at a certain point it sort of feels like we're going out of our way to rub our relationships in other people's faces. Like, Girlfriend is literally carrying a boombox down a dark alleyway in order to have this next battle.

Y/n: Yeah. Plus, this alleyway gives me the feeling that a serial killer or something could pop out at any moment.

Kelly: They do make some good points, sis.

Girlfriend: Oh, baby sis, Boyfriend and Kenneth are overthinking things, you know just as well as I do that Whitty is dying to meet them.

Player: Fine, if you say so, Girlfriend.

Y/n: Which is why I don't trust it.

Kelly: Don't worry, Whitty is a great guy once you get to know him.

Y/n: Then I'll trust you on it, babe.

They saw a man with a bomb for a head, a blue jacket, brown long pants, and orange shoes with a piece of paper in his hand and when he ripped it in half it burned to nothing.

Player: Um, hello, Whitty, is it?

Whitty: Huh? Who?

He turned around and saw the gang.

Whitty: Oh God! It's you! Stay away from me! I don't want any trouble!

Y/n: But we're not here to cause trouble, we're just here to have a fun rap battle with you and maybe even befriend you.

Whitty: Wait, is that what you want?

Y/n: Yeah.

Y/n raised his fist and Whitty was surprised at how nice he was.

Y/n: Don't leave me hanging.

Player: You'll regret it forever if you do.

Whitty pumped his fist.

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