Chapter 24: Among Us logic: The King Imposter

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Stoner and Player were in electrical together doing task.

Stoner: So, you play any cool video games lately?

Player: You mean, besides Among Us?

Stoner: What?

Stoner looked at his reflection.

Stoner: Who- Who am I?

A stab was heard and Player had a knife in his back and MrCheese was standing over him.

Player: (weakly) Stoner... Help... Me.

MrCheese shot Player in head.

In Stoner's head.

Stoner was flossing.

Stoner: Okay, okay, just stay calm, Stoner. Everything is going to be fine.

He suddenly got stabbed with a sword.

Stoner: Ah! This isn't real! None of this is real!

In real life.

Blue Y/n was holding his sword inside Stoner's torso.

Y/n: I'm afraid it's pretty real, Stoner.

And with that the MrCheese and Y/n won as the Impostors and when they spawned back in the lobby everyone in there gave them a huge round of applause.

MrCheese: Thank you, thank you very much.

Y/n: We're happy to be here.

TheGentleman: I must say, that was some of finest Impostor work I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing, you two.

Stoner: For real, bros. That was some righteous slaughtering. Mad respect. Though, I'm not sure if I'm still tethered to reality or not.

Captain: That's one of my beasties.

Player: Great. Another victory for Y/n and MrCheese.

Y/n walked to Player.

Y/n: Player, I get that you're upset right now, but you'll get your chance soon.

Player: Yeah, sorry I acted like that.

Captain: All those in favor of bowing down to both MrCheese and Y/n and heaping praise on them until someone physically forces us to stop, say "aye".

Everyone except Player MrCheese and Y/n: Aye!!!

Everyone except Player bowed down to Y/n and MrCheese.

Everyone bowing: We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

MrCheese: Well, well, well, Player. Are you refusing to bow to your King and the living legend?

Player: Now, I would probably bow to Y/n because he definitely is a legend.

Y/n: Aw.

Player: But nobody is calling you Ki-

Captain took off Veteran's crown and gave it to MrCheese.

Veteran: Hey, what the- Oh, you're giving it to the cheese king? Yeah, he earned it.

MrCheese: You were saying something, Player.

TheGentleman: Hey, why don't we have anything for the legendary knight?

Y/n: It's fine. In fact, all of you stand.

Everyone that was bowing stood up.

Y/n: Look, I don't want you guys to bow to me as if your all just a bunch of peasants because you all are my friends, but there is one thing I want you all to do.

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