Chapter 16: Among Us logic 12

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(Y/n and TheGentlemen moments)

Y/n and TheGentlemen were the Impostors and they were both walking through the halls of Myra HQ.

TheGentlemen: Let's do our finest job mr. Y/n.

Y/n: Yeah, you know. About two weeks ago I would have complained about being on the same side as you. But now, I'm pretty cool with it.

TheGentlemen: I could say the same.

Y/n: Well then, let's do our best for the both of us.

TheGentlemen: Agreed.

Y/n: So, if you don't mind me asking. How did that dinner with Mother go?

TheGentlemen: It went great.

Suddenly MrCheese showed up.

MrCheese: So, you're saying you enjoyed her company more than you enjoy mine.

TheGentlemen: Uh.

Y/n got out his gun and shot MrCheese in the head.

Y/n: Alright. Let's just quickly win this game.

TheGentlemen: Right.

(Start of real Chapter)

Up in the sky above the clouds there is a huge red flying craft and inside are the Crewmates Captain is sitting on the captain's seat while Player and blue Y/n are standing on both sides of the captain's chair.

Captain: Repair the hyper thrusters!

Player: Aye aye, Captain. After all three of us are best friends forever, we're the kind of close companions they even know each other first names.

Veteran had brown hair and wrinkles on his forehead.

Veteran: Captain, there's an incoming transmission.

Captain: Put it on the screen.

Y/n: Yeah, what he said.

Veteran was messing with some buttons and then MrCheese showed up on the big screen.

MrCheese: We meet again, Captain. I am MrCheese. I suggest you quit now, before I am forced to do something rather rash. Oh, watch out.

Captain: MrCheese you traitorous scum. I knew you would be behind this.

Y/n: I thought I told you that if I ever saw you here again things weren't going to be pretty.

MrEgg was wearing some type of visor.

MrEgg: Sir! Impostor airships decloaking on the starboard side!

Suddenly the Sclad showed up.

MrCheese: I have you surrounded, Captain. Uh oh, you're in trouble now.

Captain: You and what army? You've made the fatal flaw of ousting yourself, MrCheese. Now all the Crewmates on my ship will stand united.

Y/n: And I will be one of them.

MrCheese was doing his usual maniacal laugh.

MrCheese: Who said all the people on your ship are Crewmates?

Captain looked around and saw that him and Y/n were the only ones alive.

Captain: Well, that's not what you want to see.

Y/n: And where's Player?

MrCheese: You've done well, Player.

Captain: What? No.

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