Chapter 6: Among Us logic 4

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The lights were out and Player was running to the electrical room in the skeld.

Player: Okay, the fuse box to turn the lights back on should be right here.

He walks over to the fuse box.

Player: I just need to flip all these switches on and there.

The switch then start flipping randomly.

Player: Wait, what the heck?

He looks away from the fuse box to see a blue player with Elvis hair.

Player: Hey, uh, can you hold up a second and let me finish this?

Blue Elvis guy: Hey no need.

Blue Elvis guy we need to get the fuse box and tapped it and the lights came on.

Player: Wow, impressive.

Blue Elvis guy: Guess it would be to a Square such as yourself. Cool cats like me are always doing bus stuff Daddy oh. Anyways you better goose it before the Imposter comes around, word from the bird is that betty is cruising for a bruising. You dig?

Player: Uh, what?

Suddenly Poopyfarts shows up out of nowhere and snaps Player's neck and the blue Elvis guy is just sitting there trembling then players ghost appears from the body.

Player: Oh, come on (faceplam) Ugh. Why am I always the one getting killed as a Crewmate?

The blue Elvis guy is still sitting there trembling.

Player: Come on Greaser. Runaway. Report my death. Do something.

Greaser curled up into a ball and started rocking back and forth like a baby.

Player: Wow, seriously Greaser. That's how you're gonna to go out? Crying in a corner?

Greaser: (crying) Please I don't want to die (sob) I don't wanna die.

Poopyfarts was looking at his kill cooldown meter and when it's finished he pulled out a knife and ran towards Greaser.

Greaser: Ahh!

Player spawned in the Dropship and Veteran was standing next to Greaser who was chewing on a toothpick.

Veteran: Hey Player over here.

Player: Hey Veteran.

Veteran: Player. Have you met Greaser? This guy's awesome.

Player: Yeah we've met before and he most certainly is not awesome.

Greaser: You're booging put an egg in your shoe and beat it pal.

Veteran: Yeah, put bugs in your eggshells and eat it pal.

Player: That's not the saying Veteran.

Veteran: Whatever dude close enough.

TheGentleman: This is nonsense. Absolute nonsense.

MrEgg: It's nonsense he says.

Y/n: It's no where near nonsense.

They look to see that MrEgg TheGentleman Captain and Y/n we're having some type of argument but this time TheGentleman was white Captain was purple and Y/n was black.

Captain: Give me back my color TheGentleman! Or should I say TheScoundrel!

TheGentleman: Scoundrel?! Watch your tongue Captain. I only switched to White because my usual color was planted away by this-this rapscallion headache.

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