Chapter 47: BOYFRIEND AND KENNETH vs. IMPOSTOR?! Friday Night Funkin' Logic

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Player, Y/n, Girlfriend and Kelly spawned into a game that Player and Y/n haven't seen in awhile, Among Us.

Player: And this is it. Before me and Y/n joined you two in Friday Night Funkin', this was the main game we played.

Y/n: Personally, it feels good to be back.

Girlfriend: And you were both saying you kill and murder people in this game?

Player: Only when you're an Impostor.

Girlfriend: It seems kind of dangerous.

Kelly: Yeah, and I don't really like the site of blood.

Y/n: Don't worry, for some reason you don't bleed in this game.

Girlfriend: Still, I think we should go back to our universe before something bad happens.

Player: Oh, come on, we just got here. Trust us, we know all these guys. They're good people.

Y/n: Some more so then others, but still good nonetheless.

Just then, a red Among Us guy with a gun, knife, and a sharply curved mouth.

Player: Girlfriend, Kelly, hide! It's an Impostor!

Girlfriend and Kelly screamed and hid behind the speaker.

Red Impostor: Hello, fellow Crewmates. You see any tasks around here to do?

Player: Nice try, but I know an Impostor when we see one.

Y/n: Not that we're stereotyping you or anything.

Red Impostor: Me? An Impostor? That's... Ah, you're wrong.

Player: You literally have a knife and gun.

Y/n: Yeah, if you're going to be an Impostor at least make an effort to hide it.

Red Impostor: Oh, uh, (put his gun and knife away) What knife and gun?

Player: (sigh) You even have the Impostor mouth. God. Dude, you're worse at this game than I am.

Girlfriend peeked out from behind the speaker.

Girlfriend: Is, is it safe to come out?

Kelly also peeked out.

Kelly: I'm scared.

Player: No! You two could still be murdered at any moment.

Y/n: Stay down if you know what's good for you!

They both screamed again and ducked back down.

Red Impostor: There's no need to scare the nice ladies. I'm perfectly harmless.

Player: Oh, really? Because you're talking with a fully formed angled mouth.

Red Impostor just stayed silent.

Player: That only Impostors have.

Y/n: Yeah, and even though you put them away, we still know you have a knife and gun.

Red Impostor: Hm? Well, I guess you both know my dark secret then.

Captain walked up to them.

Captain: What dark secret? You guys reading MrCheese's diary again?

Player: No, his dark secret is that he's the Impostor.

Y/n: And not a very good one to be honest.

Captain looked at Player and Y/n.

Captain: Player and... Y/n? Is that you?

Y/n: Yeah, it's us.

Captain hugged Y/n.

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