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Player was with Hex playing some basketball, where Hex scored a slam dunk.

Player: Thanks for hanging with me today, Hex. It's always a blast to go hard in the paint with you.

Hex: The feeling is mutual, Player. However, I have noticed your passing accuracy has decreased by 18.6% since last week. Is there something bothering you? Also, isn't Y/n usually with you?

Player: He is, but he wanted to hang out with Whitty today.

With Y/n.

Him and Whitty were in an alleyway practicing a bit of rap.

Y/n: I'm getting the hang of your extra fast speed mode, Whitty.

Whitty: Yeah. You know, it's good to have someone to rap with that won't rub it in your face if you lose. Why are you with me instead of Player, though?

Y/n: I'm gonna meet up with him and the girls later tonight.

Player: (blushing) Me and him are going on a date with the girls tonight. We're gonna go stargazing at the edge of the city. The weather's gonna be perfect.

Y/n: And I heard that there's this constellation of a heart, and they say the couples that see it are destined to be together forever.

Player/Y/n: I can't wait.

Whitty: Nice. Up top.

Player wasn't paying attention and hit Hex in the face with the ball, While Whitty high-fived Y/n a little too hard, making him fall and his phone fell out of his pocket and braking it when the phone hit the ground. Hex's screen was also damaged.

Player: Whoops. Uh, sorry, Hex! Are you hurt?

Whitty: Y/n, I'm so sorry! You okay?

Hex stood up.

Hex: My transmission receptors appear to be damaged.

Y/n: I'm fine.

He picked up his phone to see a cracked screen.

Y/n: Which is more than I can say about my phone.

Whitty: I promise, I'll buy you a new one.

Player: Is that um, expensive to fix?

Hex: Extremely. But don't worry, I know you're good for it.

Player: (Quietly) Dang it.

Hex: Incoming video call from Girlfriend.

Player: Oh. Pick up! Pick up!

Y/n's phone rang and he saw it was Kelly. Both boys answered their girlfriend's calls.

Player/Y/n: Hey, Girlfriend/babe.

Girlfriend/Kelly: Hey, Player/sweetie.

Girlfriend: I'm just calling to say I think-

Kelly: I need to tell you that-

They were beginning to glitch out.

Player: Hold on, I can't hear you.

Y/n: Sorry, I didn't quite catch that.

Girlfriend: We're, braking up.

Kelly: I think we're braking up.

Player/Y/n: What?!

Girlfriend: I can't understand you. We have a bad connection.

Kelly: I can't understand you at all.

Player: Bad connection? We're perfectly in sync, babe. I like rap-battling, you like rap-battling. We both have freakishly deformed body proportions. What else does a couple need to be happy?

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