Chapter 28: Among Us logic: Airship Arrival

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Outside of Myra HQ Captain, Player, Veteran, and blue Y/n were standing in front of the deck to get on the Airship.

Player: Oh My God. It's finally happening. The Airship is here.

Veteran: I know, right? It's been months since it was first announced. I almost completely forgot about it.

Captain: Yeah, finally it's my chance to shine! I can't wait to give this old girl a spin. I bet she has some stories to tell.

Player: Okay.

Y/n: I'm excited to get on and test out all the new mechanics, and I might finally win a game with Player.

Captain: But before we set sail on our maiden voyage, we need to christen her.

MrCheese: Yeah, looks like MrCheese is way ahead of you, guys.

MrCheese and TheGentleman walked out but TheGentleman was purple with a cyborg look and he had an orange mustache.

TheGentleman: Aw, good evening, fine sirs.

Player: Wow. TheGentleman, you look... Uh, different.

TheGentleman: Why yes. Thank you for noticing.

MrCheese: TheGentleman and I both thought it was time to upgrade his wardrobe.

Captain: Right, upgrade.

Y/n: Well, you did an interesting job.

TheGentleman: What are you implying?

Veteran: We're implying you look terrible, bro. Like, what the heck happened? You get into a fist fight with your stylist or something? Everything you're wearing right now is straight up busted.

Y/n: But I love the cyborg look.

TheGentleman ran into the Airship crying.

MrCheese: TheGentleman, come back. Come on, they didn't mean it. Thanks a lot, Veteran. He's been so self-conscious about his new look, now he's never gonna hold me out over the rails of the viewing deck while I whisper "I'm flying".

Veteran: Hey, fashion ain't friendly, I gotta keep it 100 yo.

Y/n: Yeah, and being held over a viewing deck doesn't sound safe.

MrCheese: How's this for keeping it 100? Your crown is stupid and ugly! And what do you know, Y/n? You aren't in a romantic partnership and you never will be!

Y/n frowned.

MrCheese: Hey, I'm sor-

Captain: Save it, cheese boy!

Veteran: Yeah, haters are gonna hate, but you took it too far!

Player was patting Y/n's back.

Player: It's okay, Y/n. Here let's just get the match started to clear our heads, okay?

Y/n: Okay, but just one thing.

Veteran: We know.

They all did the Gaming forever salute.

Captain/Player/Veteran/Y/n: Gaming forever!

MrCheese: Gaming for-

Captain/Player/Veteran: Shut up, MrCheese!

MrCheese: Fair enough. Here's something you could christen the ship with, Captain.

He gave Captain a bottle of blue sports drink.

Captain: This is a bottle of blue sports drink.

MrCheese: That's all they had in the vending machine, okay?

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