Chapter 23: Among Us Logic: Hacking Security Cams!

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Captain was looking at the Skeld's security cameras and saw Gnome got shot in the head by Veteran.

Captain: Boring.

He flipped the cameras over to MrCheese stabbing Engineer a bunch of times.

Captain: Nothing to see there..

He flipped the cameras again and sees Veteran hop out a vent and hit a cyan Among Us player with an astronaut helmet on with the needle tongue.

Captain: Never liked that guy anyway.

Captain turned off the cameras and sighed.

Captain: This game just isn't the same anymore, I need some guidance and I know just where to get it.

The cameras turned into a video call and the person on the other line was Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin: Hello, who is this?

Captain: Greetings, Buzz Neil strong. It is i, Captain.

Buzz Aldrin: Not this guy again. I told you that's not my name!

Captain Sorry Mr. Lightyear. I must have been confusing you with some other lesser astronaut, the kind that doesn't get out of the lander first.

Buzz Aldrin: How did you get this number?

Captain: I have my ways.

He holds out a phone book without Aldrin knowing.

Buzz Aldrin: What do you want this time?

Captain: Sir, I made the mother of all oopsies and well, Houston I have a problem.

Buzz Aldrin: (quietly: Good Lord.) Just get on with it, kid.

Captain: Well you see, I have these friends, we'll call them Player and Y/n because that's their names. The three of us are tight like, sardines in a tuna can. Or peas on the cob, only thing is Player doesn't really show it as well as Y/n and Player goes so far as to pretend he forgot my real name and when Player one time left Y/n left with him.

Buzz Aldrin: Uh-huh.

Captain: So I got a little mad and created this zombie virus to teach the two of them a lesson, right? Yada, yada. I ended up in some lava, but as I burned alive, listening to the faint sound of skin sizzling like bacon over the molten flames. I heard the two of them call me their bestie, despite everything I had done, but that didn't last long with Y/n. A little while later he cut my head clean off and even now I still think he's a little mad at me. I just don't know how to make it up to them, Mr. Musk.

Buzz Aldrin: This all happened in some computer game, right?

Captain: Indeed it did, sir.

Buzz Aldrin: Look, I don't have time for this. Just do something nice for the two of them, all right? But most importantly, never call this number again!

The ended and MrCheese was standing at the security office entrance.

Captain: Buzz Strong? Buzz Strong?! Must have lost connection. I'll just try calling him again.

MrCheese: Geez louise, Captain. Take a hint. He's just not into you, unlike this knife.

He pulls out a knife and killed Captain and after that MrCheese and Veteran won as the Impostors and they bow their heads at their performance then blue Y/n spawned into the dropship with Mother and TheGentlemen.

Y/n: Good evening my favorite double top hat wearing companion and babysitting client.

TheGentlemen: Aw, Mr. Y/n. Great to see you.

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