Chapter 58: RETURN of EVIL BOYFRIEND and KENNETH... Friday Night Funkin' Logic

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Everyone was in a creepy mail with the lemon monster.

Lemon Monster: Ah, if it isn't Daddy Dearest twin daughters. You may have been able to best me before, but this is my realm. I call the shots here. Now surrender and merge with us. The corruption cannot be stopped.

Girlfriend/Kelly: Never!

Lemon Monster: Then you will be consumed.

Monster sent some black slim towards Girlfriend and Kelly, but they were able to shield themselves with a barrier. With monster was evil Boyfriend and Kenneth.

Evil Boyfriend: It's only a matter of time, babe.

Evil Kenneth: Come on, darling. You know you want it.

Evil Boyfriend/Kenneth: Give in. Let's have some fun.

The twins barriers were starting to fail.

Girlfriend: It's over.

Kelly: (teary-eyed) We can't win.

Earlier that day.

The two couples were in a fancy looking restaurant with four classes of apple juice.

Player: Wow, this is a great spot. Nice find, babe.

Girlfriend: Actually, Carol told us about it. She and Whitty had a date night here the other day.

Kelly: The romantic lights are beautiful.

Y/n: But not beautiful as my blue angel.

Y/n kissed Kelly's hand.

Kelly: (giggling) Oh, you.

Player: Well, I think it's the perfect place to celebrate.

Player and Y/n raised their classes.

Player: Ahem, let's have toast. Girlfriend and Kelly, the corruption is gone, Daddy Dearest was defeated. All thanks to you two.

Girlfriend: (blushing) Oh, it was nothing.

Kelly: (blushing) We just did what any girls who want to save their loved ones did.

Player: No, girls. It was everything. Without you, me, Y/n, and everybody else in Friday Night Funkin' would have been completely possessed by evil and forced to do Daddy Dearest's bitting.

Y/n: Here's to the greatest and most beautiful demon girlfriends a pair of rap battlers can ever have.

Player: Ditto.

Girlfriend/Kelly: (raising their glasses and blushing) Oh, Player/Y/n.

The all clinged their classes together and at that moment, Player and Y/n shifted to their evil forms and when they switched back, they dropped their glasses and felt pain in their heads.

Girlfriend: Player, Y/n, are you both okay?

Kelly: You don't look so good.

Player: I don't know. I just got a killer headache all of a sudden.

Y/n: Same.

Player: I- I- I think I'm gonna use the restroom real quick.

Y/n: I think I'll join you.

Girlfriend: Okay. Hurry back.

Kelly: Don't be afraid to tell us if you wanna go home.

The both went to the bathroom where Player was in front of the mirror while Y/n took of his helmet and rubbed his temples.

Player: Oh, my head. Must have drank too much apple juice.

Y/n: Yeah, that's something I've wanted to talk to you about. We're getting married at this young of an age. It would be illegal for us to drink at our own bachelor parties.

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