Chapter 38: Among Us Logic: Impostor School

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A lime Among Us player with a brain slug on his head was standing behind a desk and a school bell ringed.

Happy: Hello, my wonderful students. Welcome back to monster school. As you all know, I am your instructor, Happy. In today's class, you're gonna learn how to be the most vicious and deadly killing machines Among Us has ever witnessed. Any questions so far?

Every student in the class was an Among Us pet and someone talked from the dark corner.

Dark corner voice: Apprentice, is my evil master plan nearly complete?

Happy: Yes, master. Everything's going according to schedule, they're learning quick. Your plan should soon come to fruition.

Dark corner voice: Excellent.

MrCheese was the voice from the dark corner.

MrCheese: But why is there a brain slug on your head?

Happy: Oh, you mean Balthazar? He's my favorite, you could say he's the teacher's pet.

Happy laughed a bit and MrCheese walked closer to him.

MrCheese: Uh, you know that thing feeds on your brain waves and will eventually control all your thoughts and emotions, right?

Happy: Wait, wha?!

Balthazar started to control Happy.

Happy: (mind controlled) I love Balthazar the brain slug, and the mothership, all hail the mothership.

A small space ship was floating outside the class room and flew away.

MrCheese: Uh, what the heck was that?

Balthazar stopped controlling Happy.

Happy: Um, nothing, sir.

MrCheese: Good.

He walked in front of the pets.

MrCheese: Because with these monsters fully trained I'll have an army of merciless beasts ready at my disposal, and nobody will ever be able to stop me in Among Us not even the legendary knight, the whole world will soon know that my name MrCheese!

MrCheese and mind controlled Happy started to laugh maniacally but they stopped when Captain knocked on the door.

Captain: Hey, you guys okay in there?

MrCheese: Uh, yeah, just totally normal Crewmate stuff.

Happy: Uh-huh. Definitely no Impostors in here.

Captain: Really? I could've sworn I heard the maniacal laughter of two evil geniuses.

MrCheese: Oh, that? That was just us uh, remembering this funny thing Poopyfarts said.

Happy: Uh-huh. He said um, fart?

Captain: (laughing) Classic Poopyfarts. Anyways, better hurry up. The game's about to start and Y/n wants to lead us with the gaming forever salute.

Captain walked away.

Happy: Oh, that was a close one.

MrCheese: Yes, too close. I will not have you ruin what I've worked so hard to complete. Make sure the pets are ready.

Happy: Yes, sir.

MrCheese: And uh, Uh, try to resist and control the brain slug. They are disgusting vile creatures.

Happy: (Whisper: Don't worry, Balthazar. I will always love you.)

The game started and MrCheese along with Happy and the pets which were disguised as a cyan player were the Impostors and the disguised pets appeared in the medical room with Captain.

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