Chapter 13: Minecraft logic

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(Y/n and Captain moments)

Captain was sitting on a navigation char and Y/n is leaning against Captain's seat.

Y/n: What's the process we have so far Captain?

Captain: It should be smooth sailing from here.

Y/n: I shouldn't expect anything less from the best captain in the world.

Captain: Aw, thanks buddy.

It was silent for a second.

Captain: So, is that little feud between you and TheGentelman still going on?

Y/n: Yes.

Captain: Are you planning on ending it any time soon?

Y/n: Hm, I have thought about it a few times.

Captain: Okay. Do you think Player really thinks of me as his best friend?

Y/n: I'm sure he does, he's just not as obvious about it as you are.

Captain: So you're saying there might be hope for our friendship?

Y/n: There definitely is. Just give him some time, he'll come around.

Captain: Okay.

(Start of real story)

Both Player and Y/n spawned into Minecraft, Player was wearing the Steve attire while Y/n is wearing a business suit.

Player: So This is Minecraft?

Y/n: The game we've been missing out on for years.

Player: I guess it's better late than never. And I appreciate you coming out of your way so you can join me Y/n.

Y/n: It's no problem, I'll help you through anything we need to get through.

They both stare off into the horizon.

Player: Wow, this place sure is beautiful.

Y/n: Yeah, it's filled with incredible vegetation and wildlife.

Player: There's only one thing to do in a world as amazing as this.

Y/n: Enjoy the view for a little bit longer?

Player: No.

Player starts breaking things while laughing until he killed a sheep.

Player: Nice, I got some wool (picks up the wool block).

Y/n finally catches up to him.

Y/n: Man, your fast and you sure did a number on this place in just a few seconds.

Player: What can I say? I'm a fast gamer.

Y/n: Well, at least I got enough material to make me (draws out a wooden sword) a sword

Player: And with this wool maybe now I can make a bad.

A pig in the background started talk.

Pig: But how could you possibly sleep at night after what you've done to my family?

Player: What? A talking pig?

Y/n: Unreal.

Player: I didn't know you little guys could speak.

Y/n: Neither did I.

Pig: Yes, I can speak, but more importantly I can feel. Pain, sorrow, grief. I will never forgive you for killing my love.

Y/n: His love? What did you do in the few seconds I was gone Player?

Player: Wait, you are a pig in love with the sheep? That seems kind of...wrong.

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