Chapter 4: Among Us logic 2

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Player is doing the clear asteroids task on the skeld.

Player: Come on,Almost there.

He looks up to see that the taskbar is almost full.

Player: As soon as I clear all the asteroids the crewmates win.

A vent opened up.

Player: This is it one more to go,Victory is mi-.

Before he finished he got stabbed with the needle tongue. Then a victory screen showed Ninja Bowing in a ninja way and a blue Ghost guy with a baseball cap. And we also see Player spawning into the Drop ship getting ready for the next game.

Player: Ugh. I'm sick of being a boring crewmate all the time.

Blue guy with baseball hat: Dude stop whining just cause I beat you so bad.

Player: What are you talking about Bro? You got voted out before you even killed anyone, Ninja did all the work.

Ninja put his hands together as a thank-you to Player for giving him praise and Bro put the L sign on top of his head.

Bro: Wow sore loser much? Why don't you just leave game and cry about it?

Player: Just wait until I get to be the Imposter then you'll see.

Bro: Yeah okay whatever dork. You know what I might leave game just to give you a Fighting Chance at winning.

Bro left the game and then Y/n spawned in but this time he was blue.

Y/n: Hey Player.

Y/n Looks at Ninja.

Y/n: You must be Ninja.

He takes off his knight helmet and bows.

Y/n: It's an honor to finally meet you.

Ninja also bows and then walks off.

Player: (sigh) Maybe Bro's right

TheGentleman: Is something thing bothering you Mr. Player?

Player: Oh,Hey TheGentleman.

Y/n: Hey MrCheese.

He looks at TheGentleman with a less than amused face.

Y/n: And TheGentleman.

TheGentleman made the same look.

TheGentleman: It's nice to see you too Mr. Y/n.

Y/n: So what is troubling you buddy?

Player: I don't know,I'm just so sick of losing and Bro's teasing is starting to get to me.

Y/n: I know that feeling.

Player: Really?

Y/n: Yeah,Remember when we first played Fall Guys?

Player: Oh yeah. Now I remember.

TheGentleman: Ah yes bullying it's quite an ugly affair.

MrCheese: My name MrCheese.

Then TheGentleman started to strangle MrCheese.

TheGentleman: Shut up MrCheese!

He let's MrCheese go and dusted himself off.

TheGentleman: I'm sorry mr. Player ( raises his head up in a slapping position) this simpleton made me lose my train of thought.

Y/n: You talkin to about yourself TheGentleman?

TheGentleman: Now you listen here Mr. Y/n! You're really starting to get on my nerves!

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