Chapter 51: Among Us Logic, But The Impostor Changes Colors

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On the Skeld Gnome and Engineer were running from Sheriff who was tan and TheGentleman until they killed Engineer and both of them turned into Engineer. Gnome saw Dum in the Engin room and ran to her but Dum started to turn rainbow colors and killed Gnome and she gave a thumbs-up to a fake Engineer as he also started to turn rainbow colors. MrCheese was hiding in Electrical and began to pet a Cheddar plushie and the real one noticed someone at the door, it was TheGentleman who began to change rainbow colors and MrCheese held the plushie and the real Cheddar tight as he had tears in the visor and the Impostor killed him.

Earlier that day.

Player and Y/n spawned into the lobby after a long time, but Y/n was gray.

Player: Ah, it feels good to be back in Among Us.

Y/n: Yeah, I hope we'll see some familiar faces.

Y/n than noticed his color.

Y/n: Wait, why am I gray? How am I gray?

Player: That must be why everything feels slightly different.

MrEgg walked over to them, but he was maroon.

MrEgg: Yes, there was a new update, Player and Y/n, who I'm guessing is the gray guy next to you. As you both can see, we are all dealing with the consequences.

Player: Wait, who are you?

Y/n: Can't you tell by his voice?

MrEgg: I'm MrEgg, of course. You might not have recognized me because of my new maroon color. Fetching isn't it?

MrCheese: Yeah, more like a moron color. (laugh) Good one me.

Player: Some things never change.

MrEgg: It's not my fault all the OG colors were taken.

Player: Wait, all of them? That doesn't make sense.

Y/n: Yeah, matches are only allowed to have ten players in it at a time.

MrEgg: Not anymore. See for yourself.

They saw Dum, Captain and Sheriff who was tan having a conversation.

Sheriff: How come I gotta be tan?

They turned to see a couples conversation with Gnome and Engineer talking with Bday and Rose who was now the color rose.

Rose: Looky here, everybody. My very own color, I finally got the recognition I so rightfully deserve.

Bday: That's my Rose.

Gnome: Hey, Engineer?

Engineer: Yeah, babe?

Gnome: Why don't I have a color named after me?

Engineer: Probably because gnome's not a color.

Gnome: Hmph. Well, it should be.

They turned one last time to see Mother with Poopyfarts and TheGentleman with MrCheese and Cheddar running around barking.

TheGentleman: Oh, MrCheese, would you kindly calm Cheddar down? With 15 players in such a confined space, the noise pollution is becoming rather unbearable on these old ears.

MrCheese: Hey, if you want a cute dog that doesn't make any noise. You should probably just buy yourself a Cheddar plushie available now at

TheGentleman: That does not help our current situation, but I admit it's good advice nonetheless.

Player: Wow, 15 players. This game sure has changed a lot while we've been off playing Friday Night Funkin'.

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