I as the Villainess Demand PEACE!(updates everyday) by ReachTomorrow
I as the Villainess Demand PEACE!( ReachWorldDomination
Ongoing... /Original story/ Highest ranking- #1 in games Description- Aiyzawa Kamachi, age 25, Job occupations? Otome game developer/mangaka Author-"What do you ha...
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God's an Adventurer by PrinnyHDood
God's an Adventurerby PrinnyHDood
Kami has created everything known to mankind and more for millions of years and he's grown tired of constantly keeping check on it all. The only thing that had kept him...
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Raped By My Step-Brother!! by jmuaah
Raped By My Step-Brother!!by Clueless
I moved into the home of my mother's fiancé, and was thrilled to be greeted with a mansion. However, when I met the two sons that lived in the home, my life suddenly bec...
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Japanese Urban Legends by SchoolRainbow
Japanese Urban Legendsby SchoolRainbow
Love the creepy side of Japan? On the surface, all that people hear about Japan is their rich culture, and how weird some of their customs and inventions are. But aside...
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Far Cry 5 OneShots and Preferences by we_all_have_secrets_
Far Cry 5 OneShots and Preferencesby Daxton Winchester
Comment any requests! (I do not own any of these characters)
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Yami: The Gamer Kage by Akashi_Kurokaze
Yami: The Gamer Kageby Kuro no Akuma
A man wakes up to find himself inside the world of Naruto experiencing it via a video game. Forced to fight to survive, he sets upon a path of self-discovery, whether to...
  • uchiha
  • hyuga
  • madara
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Connor O'Malley  by amber_no3l
Connor O'Malley by amber
Between moving from Kansas after a tornado destroyed her home to trying to fit in at her new school, Rosemary Blaine somehow gets wrapped up with the school's notorious...
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Submitting To Him by MissLeeAnn
Submitting To Himby MissLeeAnn
~~~~Danni and Andi Grace, at the age of nine, were left to fend for themselves after their parents death in a forest fire. Closer than most sisters, they set out to find...
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Sexy One Shots by Physicallydxlan
Sexy One Shotsby D R A M A T I C
  • explicit
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Good Ones Go (BWWM) by llMesianll
Good Ones Go (BWWM)by Mesi Authoress
He wanted her for his own selfish reason, she was just an innocent bystander. Slowly but surely real feelings started to grow but maybe it was too late. Mistakes were ma...
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Male!Reader Reads (25 Requests, Sinking In Requests Faster Than The Titanic.)  by Futuralist
Male!Reader Reads (25 Requests, Furious Blade
You sad males are in a relationship with your waifus. (or husbandos, I won't judge) Please go away if you're sensitive and / or will be a nuisance, don't want to deal...
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The Millionaire Player Has Met His Match (Mature) by AyrGal89
The Millionaire Player Has Met Emma
Grayson Rhodes, a name that makes woman weak to their knees just at the mention of his name. He is sexy, confident and player, the kind of guy that woman should stay awa...
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Food Fantasy One-Shots by CheneyTYX
Food Fantasy One-Shotsby CheneyTYX
I noticed there was a lack of Food Fantasy One-shots so I decided to make some myself! I hope everyone would enjoy the one-shots I read~ But if anyone plays food fanta...
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Avenger*Marvel/DC*Mass Effect (Lemons) by AllexusKeister
Avenger*Marvel/DC*Mass Effect ( Allexus M.Keister
All kinds of lemons and smut of people you choose. It can be from a movie or from a game or even just an actor you like(I will do girlxgirl as well, I have no limit to w...
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Taking your life is the ultimate taboo in the Christian and Catholic religions. By doing this, you condemn your soul to the pits of hell. Where you will burn for eternit...
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Gamer of the Dead by batotit
Gamer of the Deadby batotit
Zombie Apocalypse meets the Gamer. to make it a bit different, I decided to create a new kind of zombie with its own rules. hopefully, the zombie will become more danger...
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Yandere! Character X Reader oneshots (Requests Closed) by Calintha
Yandere! Character X Reader Calintha
Enjoy the idea of a yandere who loves you so much they would do anything to make you theirs? Do you want to read a oneshot with a yandere who doesn't kill you in the end...
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Sparks • [1] by xFandomdiaryx
Sparks • [1]by ♤ Anya ♤
B O O K O N E Darwin had a theory, survival of the fittest. She was very very fit for the role. "I'm a spark from the districts." ➳ *UNDERGOING EDITING* RANK...
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World Gate Online by ImWattAddict2468
World Gate Onlineby WattyAddict1357
Lucas Lauwers, an ordinary college student submits an entry for the lottery to win the very first virtual gaming device and game on a whim and wins! He played the game f...
  • otherworld
  • mmorpg
  • lucky
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Silence [The Hunger Games] by Hazzer123
Silence [The Hunger Games]by Hayley Anderton
[Watty Awards Winner 2013] Traumatized by her brother's death, Raven Verona desperately wants to escape her past. But when she is chosen for the 41st Hunger Games, that...
  • capitol
  • pain
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