Chapter 20: Among Us logic 16

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(Y/n and Bday moments)

Bday and Y/n were putting up birthday decorations in Myra HQ.

Bday: With these final touches Rose surprise party should be all set and I really appreciate you helping me out, Y/n.

Y/n: It was no problem.

Bday: So, I heard you're having love problems.

Y/n frowned.

Y/n: Yeah, I am.

Bday: Well, don't lose hope. I'm sure you'll find someone for you someday.

Y/n: Thanks, Bday.

Just then they both heard footsteps.

Y/n: We better hide.

They both ran off to hide.

(Start of real Chapter)

TheGentleman was walking down the decontamination hall.

TheGentleman: MrCheese? MrCheese! Probably distracted by the "shiny lights" of the reactor again.

TheGentleman walked in the reactor and saw MrCheese laying against the wall hurt.

MrCheese: Oh, gee.

TheGentleman: (gasp) MrCheese! Beanie boy, Beanie boy! What have they done to my little Beanie boy?!

MrCheese: (cough) Gentlemen, come closer.

TheGentleman: Of course.

MrCheese: Closer.

TheGentelman: Uh, all right.

MrCheese: Closer.

TheGentleman: i-I don't think I can.

He was right up in MrCheese's face.

MrCheese: Oh.

TheGentleman: Tell me, is there nothing I might do to ease your passing, My Friend?

MrCheese: I'm afraid not, for you see.

They made some sort of Japanese movie reference and MrCheese stabbed TheGentleman with an Kubikiribocho blade and slashed him wide open and he won the game as the Impostor then TheGentleman, MrCheese, Veteran, and white Y/n were having a conversation in the Dropship while waiting for the next round start.

TheGentleman: MrCheese, that was positively dastardly. You played me like the proverbial fiddle.

Veteran: I would say he played you more like operation, you know. With him cutting you in half and all.

MrCheese: Uh, you know, Veteran. I think you might be playing that game wrong.

Y/n: Yeah, what you're thinking about is a real operation.

MrCheese: Captain, when did you change up your hat?

Y/n: It's me, Y/n. I just thought I'd change up a bit this round.

Veteran: Well anyways, my babysitter used to say I was playing it wrong too, use too.

Player spawned in with an excited face.

Player: Guys, guys! You'll never believe this! I finally convinced my girlfriend to play Among Us.

TheGentleman: Oh, my poor, poor Mr. Player. Allowing yourself to be fooled by these far-fetched delusions. Such as, winning even a single game and getting an Among Us GF. I'm afraid, dear boy. That you're setting yourself up for failure on both accounts.

Y/n: Hey! Just because he hasn't won a game yet doesn't mean he'll never win game.

Player: Thanks for that, Y/n. And I do have a girlfriend. Y/n and Veteran met her, we even played Fall Guys together back when that was a thing.

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