Chapter 54: BOYFRIEND and KENNETH vs. FLIPPY?! Friday Night Funkin Logic

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A green bear with military clothes was watching a bunch of small animals that were either on fire or running from the fire that was engulfing the entire park they were in then the bear started to corner Player and Y/n.

Earlier that day.

The gang spawned into the park before it was sat on fire.

Player: Whoa, this place is nice.

Y/n: Definitely a place someone wouldn't mind spending a few hours in.

Girlfriend and Kelly gasped.

Girlfriend: Oh, my God. Player, Y/n, look at all the adorable animals.

Kelly: Their so cute, you'd die from it.

They all looked around and saw bunch of animals that were just doing their own thing.

Gang: (blushing) Aw!

???: Yep, they sure are cute.

Gang: Hm?

The voice came from the military bear who looked much more calm.

Flippy: Hello, friends. My name is Flippy. I'm one of the Happy Tree Friends. Hope you're having a magical day.

Player: Absolutely. I gotta say, this place looks like a nice change of pace.

Kelly: It looks like something off of a children's cartoon.

Girlfriend: Yeah, most of the Mods we go to are extremely violent.

Flippy: Extremely... (Scary voice: violent.) (clears throat) Yeah, we're just a bunch of fun-loving little critters. Over those full of wonder.

Player: I like the sound of that.

Y/n: I like that this bear looks so stone strong, but he's just a fluffy little bear.

Flippy: Would you like a friendship hug?

Y/n: Sure, never say no to that.

Y/n and Flippy shared a hug.

Kelly: Aw. Let me get in there too!

Kelly joined the hug and they eventually let go.

Girlfriend: Say, Player and Y/n, you both should perform some songs for everyone. I'm sure they'd love to hear some your music.

Flippy: Yeah, we all love music down here in Happy Tree Land. And laughter, and friendship.

Player: Good idea, Girlfriend. Although, we never played just for fun before. Usually we sing as part of a rap battle.

Flippy: Rafter.

Flippy spaced out for a moment.

Girlfriend: Flippy, are you okay?

Kelly: Yeah, you looked a little stressed.

Flippy: Oh, uh. Yeah, I'm all right. Sometimes I zone out a little bit.

Player: Are you sure? Because you started to look a little crazy there for a second.

Y/n: Yeah, do we need to call someone or...

Flippy: I said, I'm fine.

Player: Sorry, just wanted to make sure you were okay.

Y/n: Yeah, there's no need to get all moody.

Kelly: Maybe you guys could sing some nice nursery rhymes.

Y/n: That could be good.

Girlfriend noticed the weird statue next to her.

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