Chapter 29: Friday Night Funkin' logic

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Player and Y/n spawned on a performance stage in a game called Friday Night Funkin' Player was 3,6 feet tall with his usual red beanie, brown hair, a white short-sleeve shirt with a red P on it, a pair of blue jeans, red shoes, and he was holding a microphone. While Y/n was a little bit taller than Player, and he was wearing his usual knight helmet, H/c hair, a plan white long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, F/c shoes, and he was holding a sword with a microphone at the end of the handle.

Player: All right, here we go. Friday Night Funkin'.

Y/n: I still can't believe Engineer managed to turn this into a two player game, and gave my character this cool sword.

Player: Apparently this game is supposed to be amazing.

???: Oh, it is.

??? 2: I just know you two will love it.

Player/Y/n: Huh?

They both turned to see two girls sitting on a giant speaker with they're legs crossed. One had red hair with it done in a ponytail, and wearing a pinkish red dress and heels. While the other also had red hair and had a similar facial structure as the first one, but her hair was done in two pigtails, and light blue dress and heels and they were both the same height as Y/n.

Girlfriend: Hi there, my name is Girlfriend.

Kelly: And I'm here younger twin sister, Kelly.

Girlfriend: In this game, you compete with our family and my Ex-boyfriends to earn our affection.

Player: Uh, but we don't even know either of you yet. Couldn't you both be Psychopaths or something? Want a way in here, bud?

Y/n wasn't paying attention as he just stared at Kelly.

Player: Uh, dude, you okay?

Kelly noticed Y/n looking at her.

Kelly: Oh, can I help you?

Y/n grab Kelly by the face and pulled her closer and kissed her, after the kiss was broken Kelly put her hand over her mouth and her entire face was blood red and when Y/n finally noticed what he did he blushed really hard.

Y/n: (blush) I-I'm sorry! It's just, I've never met someone as beautiful as you and I uh-

Kelly: (blush) It's okay.

Kelly pulled him in for a kiss this time.

Kelly: I love you too.

They both smiled at each other.

Player: Dude, do you even know what you're getting yourself into?

Y/n: I don't care (heart eyes) she's so beautiful.

Girlfriend: (giggle) LOL. You're so funny, Boyfriend.

Kelly: You're pretty attractive yourself, Kenneth.

Player: It's Player.

Y/n: Yeah, and my name is Y/n.

Kelly: Oh, sorry. I was just trying to guess your name.

Girlfriend: (giggle) Of course it is, Boyfriend and Kenneth.

Kelly: Uh, sis, I think they were being serious about the name thing.

Girlfriend: Oh, don't you worry about it, baby sis.

Kelly: Baby?! I'm only a minute younger than you!

Girlfriend: Now, should we teach these two how to play the game?

Player: Yeah, sure.

Y/n: Let's do it.

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