Chapter 36: Among Us Logic: The Curse of Novisor and Yesvisor

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Two Novisor ghost and two Yesvisor ghost came into the Gap room where Player, Captain, Y/n, Ninja, a black character with plague doctor mask, and a white character with goggles covering they're face were at.

Player: Run for it!

They ran out of there.

Plague doctor: This way!

Goggles character: Hurry!

Y/n and Ninja slashed some of the ghost with their swords then everyone got into the cockpit and Y/n shut the door while Ninja stabbed it with his sword.

Several hours earlier.

At a drive-in movie theater an orange car was rolling in and it was being drove by an orange Among Us player with a paper bag on his head and in the passenger seat was a yellow Among Us player with blonde hair.

Blonde: Wow, Baggy, look, we've got the whole place to ourselves. If you weren't my bestest most platonic friend ever. I'd say how romantic it feels.

Baggy: (laughs and sweats) Yeah.

Blonde: Is something wrong? You seem nervous.

Baggy: N-Nope, all good here. (Thinking: Okay, Baggy, tonight's the night. Time to tell Blondie how you really feel. Just need to act cool.)

Duncan popped out of the ticket booth.

Duncan: Greetings.

Baggy got scared and hid in his bag.

Duncan: Sorry to startle you, young man.

Baggy: S-Startle? Me? Don't make me laugh, I'm not startled by anything.

Duncan: Ah-ha. Well, if that's the case, then you're the perfect vic- I mean, audience for the new horror film playing tonight. The reviews are saying it'll scare you half to death.

Blondie: Oh, I'm up for a little scare. Oh, let's do it.

Baggy: But, uh, Blondie, wouldn't you rather watch a nice rom-com? Maybe you know, two childhood friends discovering their feelings for one another.

Duncan: Ah, I understand, with this particular film. Not everyone is brave or cool enough to watch it.

Baggy: You know what? Two tickets, please.

Blondie: Woo!

Duncan: Here you are.

He gave Baggy the two tickets.

Duncan: Enjoy the film.

He started to laugh maniacally and the two friends drove in more.

Blondie: Huh? What a strange old man.

Baggy: Uh, yeah, boomers, you know, they're crazy.

Blondie: Stop for a second, I want to get us some popcorn.

Baggy: Okay.

Baggy stopped the car and Blondie got out and walked towards the snack bar and Marcus popped out of it.

Marcus: Why hello there!

Blondie made a soft scream and tumbled back a bit.

Marcus: Sorry to scare you, miss.

Blondie: It's fine, can I get a large bucket of popcorn, please.

Marcus: Will that be butter or white cheddar cheese?

Blondie: me and Baggy are trying to watch our weight, so white cheddar.

Marcus: Ah, you're a fine vic- I mean, customer.

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