Chapter 22: Among Us logic: The Legend of Novisor and Yesvisor

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The lights were off in the Skeld and both Player and blue Y/n were walking in the dark until they entered Communications.

Player: Y/n, are you still with me?

Y/n: Yeah, but I can't see a dang thing.

Player: Better turn on my flashlight.

When Player flipped his flashlight on they saw Veteran was also there and the three of them started to scream.

Veteran/Player: Wait, shhhh. Don't you know Novisor and Yesvisor are on the loose!? They'll kill us all! Hey, quit saying everything that I'm saying. Me? You're the one who's coping. Okay, I'm gonna say something totally random to get us out of sync. Jellyfish! Angelica houston! Blacksmith statues and tournaments restitution 2012-2013! Wow, I'm not even mad anymore. This is just insane at this point, but seriously stop. No, you! Seriously. Dude, stop.

Y/n: Why don't you both just knock it off? I can't even hear myself think with you arguing.

Veteran: Fine. But mostly because I'm terrified of Novisor and Yesvisor hunting us down and trapping the three of us in this game forever.

Player: So, the rumors are true, huh?

Y/n: There really are two ghost brothers that wander the halls of the Skeld looking for new victims?

Veteran: Yeah, and they're not regular ghost that help with tasks and stuff. They're real legit ghost, two forgotten souls that wait in between our world and the afterlife.

Player: That's too spoopy, man.

Y/n: I would use something more like, horrifying.

Veteran: Thing is, it wasn't always that way. Novisor and Yesvisor use to be two regular guys just like you or me.

Player: Really? I've never heard of that part of the story before.

Y/n: Neither have I. Please tell us what happened, Veteran.


Both a brown Among Us guy with a brown fedora and a white Among Us guy with a black spy hat were walking through a flea market of some sort.

Veteran: (story telling) It all started with a young college student named Aiden and his older twin brother, Nick. They were shopping out at a flea market. See, these guys didn't have a lot of money, but they both needed to find two working PCs for homework and other stuff.

Player: Like video games?

Veteran: (story telling) Right. They thought they could find something for a decent price there, too bad in the end they both payed the ultimate price.

Aiden: All right, I think we should split up to cover more ground.

Nick: Okay, but we meet back here in three minutes if we can't find anything.

Aiden: Got it.

They both split up and while Aiden went to a tent with stitches in it Nick went to a beautiful white tent, Aiden was looking at a dusty computer while Nick was looking at a shiny computer, when Aidan wiped the dust off his computer and Nick took a better look at his they both saw that neither of their computers had a branding on it.

Aiden/Nick: Wow, look at this piece of junk/beauty.

With Aiden a black Among Us guy with an antenna on his head appeared behind a box, but with Nick a white Among Us guy with an antenna on his head walked to him.

Black antenna guy: It may not look like much, but this thing has many of the latest advancements in gaming technology.

Aiden: Uh, cool.

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