Chapter 56: ORIGIN of DEMON GIRLFRIEND and KELLY! Friday Night Funkin' Logic

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Girlfriend and Kelly were crying in their room and started to turn into different forms.

Earlier that day.

The duo couples were walking down a street with Player now wearing a dark blue beanie, an orange sweater with a white cloud on the bottom, and blue shoes. While Y/n didn't really change much except he was now wearing a suit and necktie under his jacket.

Girlfriend: I can't believe you both changed for this dinner. Your clothes aren't even fancier, Player. Just different, and lame. As for you Y/n, that suit might be a bit fancy, but no one can even tell if your still wearing your jacket or not.

Y/n: I do attend to take it off once we get to your house.

Player: Look, we just want to look nice for your family.

Kelly: Well, you're in luck. Mommy has been wanting to see you both again, but she wants to see Y/n more.

Y/n: She really is a nice woman.

Player: Well, I'm more over trying to win Daddy Dearest over. We never really got along.

Girlfriend: In your defense, he has tried to kill you multiple times.

Y/n: And he made a corruption that could've infected the entire game. I'm surprised they didn't arrest him for that.

Kelly: He was able to convince the cops that it was all a big misunderstanding.

Player: Plus, literally everybody we speak with hates him.

Girlfriend: That's just business, babe. It's hard being the world's greatest Rockstar. Deep down, he's a total sweetie. I promise.

Kelly: Yeah, he may act all scary and evil on the outside, but on the inside he's just a teddy bear.

Player: He's the devil, you two. I highly doubt that.

Y/n: And after the whole virus thing, I don't think I'll ever trust him again.

Girlfriend: Shh. We're here.

They walked to a door with a skull handle knock.

Y/n: I should've excepted the door to look like this.

Player: All right, here goes nothing.

Player nervously knocked on the handle.

Girlfriend: Don't be nervous, you'll do great.

Kelly: Just give him a chance.

Daddy Dearest answered the door.

Daddy Dearest: Ah, if it isn't my beautiful twin daughters, Girlfriend and Kelly. The lights of my life, the two greatest things to ever happen to me. The two people I would protect at all costs, even if it ment murder.

Girlfriend/Kelly: Hi, daddy.

All four of them walked inside and Daddy Dearest's expression change to one of unamusement when he saw Player and Y/n.

Daddy Dearest: I see you brought... them.

Player/Y/n: Hey, Daddy Dearest.

Daddy Dearest: Well, thanks for walking them home. Goodbye, Boyfriend and Kenneth.

Y/n/Player: It's Player and Y/n.

Daddy Dearest: Right, right. Well, have a safe trip home, you two. (Quietly: Try not to die to the hitman I sent after you.)

He chuckled silently.

Player: What?

Daddy Dearest: Hm?

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