Chapter 19: Among Us logic 15: Zombie Plague

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(Y/n and Gnome moments)

Y/n was in the medbey of Polus doing the scan task when Gnome walked in.

Y/n: Hey, Gnome. You waiting to use the scanner?

Gnome: Nope, just wanted to see if there was anybody here I could clear.

Y/n: Okay so, you can clear me. But wait, how can I be sure you're not an Impostor?

Gnome: Okay, before you jump to conclusions hear me out. Impostors can vent, right?

Y/n: Yeah.

Gnome tries to jump into a vent but can't.

Gnome: See?

Y/n: Okay, you're clean.

He got done scanning.

Y/n: You know. With you hanging out with me alone Engineer might get jealous.

Gnome: He knows I'm here. But he had to do task on the other side of the map. But speaking of love things, how did Doki-Doki-literature-club go?

Y/n: It didn't help me with my girlfriend problem. But I did learn a lot about literary.

Gnome: Oh, I see. I'm sorry.

Y/n: It's fine, I knew you were only trying to help me. Now come on, let's go find Engineer.

Gnome: Okay.

They both walked out of medbey.

(Start of real Chapter)

Captain, Player, MrCheese, and blue Y/n were running away from MrCheese's dog, Toto.

Player: Keep running!

Y/n: You don't have to tell us twice!

Captain: Oh, the humanity!

Toto chased them to a closed-door that led to the office.

Player: Open the door already, Captain!

Captain was struggling to put the switches that would open the door.

Captain: Ah, I can't! This is the hardest task to do in all of the Among Us.

Player: Are you kidding me right now?! That thing is still gaining on us!

Y/n: If only I could use my sword.

Getting a better look at Toto he was green instead of cyan and he had a pale white eye and the red veins on it were visible.

MrCheese: No, Toto. That's a bad Toto.

Captain: My God! It's just so dank difficult!

Player: Ugh, you can't do anything right!

Y/n: Here, let me do it!

Captain moved to the side and Y/n opened the door and they all rushed in.

Player: There are only four Crewmates left. Captain, MrCheese, Y/n, and myself. We still don't know who the Impostors are.

Captain: Wow, Y/n. You must be some sort of unlocking expert.

Player: Yeah, at least one of us knows how to actually play this game. We were almost puppy chow because of you.

Captain: Hey now, let's not point fingers here. But if we did want to point fingers they should be pointed squarely at MrCheese.

MrCheese: (gasp) What did I do?

Captain: It was your mangy mat that got us into this mess in the first place!

MrCheese: Toto just likes to give love nibbles.

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