Chapter 31: Among Us Logic: Jailbreak

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The Airship was flying above and MrCheese started narrating like a detective.

MrCheese: (Narrating: Yep, you see a lot of rough stuff on the Airship)

On the inside of the Airship MrCheese was wearing a blue police uniform.

MrCheese: (Narrating: People not doing their task like good boys or girls, folks getting lost in electrical, apes trying to pop crash courses, you name it really.)

He walked to TheGentleman.

MrCheese: Hey, Gentleman, keeping yourself out of trouble?

TheGentleman: Oh, yes, of course, OfficerCheese.

OfficerCheese: Keep it up, big guy.

He started walking again and he walked into Records and saw Mother with Timmy and Franklin.

OfficerCheese: (Narrating: Ever since we installed the Jailer mod, people have looked at me to keep them save. Because when you get this high up in the clouds, some people think the rules don't apply to them. Which is why it falls on me to uphold the law, and there's another mod that gives me an inside man who helps me keep the peace, my name OfficerCheese, and this is-)

He saw a the dead body of a purple Crewmate on the platform.

OfficerCheese: This is gonna be one freaking night.

Mother and Stoner were on the right side of the Gap Room where Cheddar was keeping an eye on them.

Mother: Oh my goodness gracious!

She covered Timmy and Franklin's eyes.

Mother: Don't look, children!

Franklin: Move, Mommy. I want to see the bloodshed.

OfficerCheese was on the other side of the Gap Room and he was interrogating Player along with a yellow player with blond hair and a blue top hat.

OfficerCheese: All right, you two. Where were you on the day of today?

Player: I was showing this noob scrub idiot here the ropes.

OfficerCheese: (got out a sketch pad) Uh-huh. What's your name, rookie?

Rookie: Rookie, sir.

OfficerCheese: Oh, a wise guy, eh?

He got out a baton and Rookie gasped.

Player: MrCheese, that's actually his name.

OfficerCheese: That's OfficerCheese to you, buddy. And as for you, yellow boy.

Rookie: With all due respect, you would have been calling me Blue Boy, but for some reason I couldn't be blue.

OfficerCheese: Oh, that's probably because of my Inside Man.

Player: Who.

Blue Y/n walked in on the right side of the Gap Room but he was wearing a brown trench coat and a black fedora, and he used a grappling hook to backflip onto the other side.

Player: Y/n?! How'd you do that?! And what's with the new look?

Y/n: Well, in addition to making OfficerCheese the Jailer, there's another Mod that made me the Spy.

Player: It sounds like a cool Mod. What does it do?

Y/n: I can hide on various spots on the map to check if anybody is doing any suspicious activity.

OfficerCheese: That reminds me, I need a report on everybody here's activities.

Y/n: Sure. Mother was with Timmy and Franklin in Records trying to teach them how to read before they start school, Stoner was smoking weed on the Viewing Deck.

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