Chapter 39: The God Impostor

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Veteran was in the Airship running from something.

Veteran: Should have installed Cardio Mod.

B-day and Rose were chasing him but Rose was purple, B-day was black and they were both wearing Player's signature red beanie.

B-day: Come back here, non-believer!

Rose: After him! The divine one's will shall not be denied.

They started to fire lasers at Veteran but they missed.

Veteran: Ah! Dude, quit it!

MrCheese got in Veteran's way.

MrCheese: Oh, hey there, Veteran. My name Mr-

Veteran: (pushed MrCheese out of the way) No time for that!

A laser hit MrCheese and he turned into a gold statue then when Veteran got into the Armory blue Y/n showed up and he had a long silver cape.

Veteran: Y/n?

Y/n: Stand back!

Y/n summoned a giant shield in front the door.

B-day: Darn it! We'll have to take the long way.

Veteran: Y/n, how did you-

Y/n: We can talk later. Right now, I need to get out of here!

Y/n summoned a horse and both him and Veteran got on it then the horse quickly got ran to the Vault and disappeared after.

Veteran: What the?

They both saw a big golden statue of Player where the giant ruby should be then Rose and B-day showed up.

B-day: End of the line, Veteran and Y/n, you both will make fine offerings to the God King.

Veteran: God King? Is that some sort of dumb nerd thing?

B-day: Blasphemy! Blasphemy!

Rose: Oh, oh, can I shoot them now, honey? I want to make the divine one proud of me.

B-day: Tell you what, Rose, it can be your early birthday present.

Rose: Aw, thanks, shnocomes.

Veteran: Gross, just kill me now.

Rose: That's the idea.

They were about to shoot.

???: Halt!

Player walked in wearing a golden beanie and both Rose and B-day bowed down.

B-day/Rose: My Lord.

Veteran: Player, thank the Goddess. Rose and B-day have gone insane and Y/n has some kind of weird knight powers and- Wait, something's different about you, did you shave your mustache?

Player: What? No

Y/n: And Player never had a mustache to begin with.

Player: And there's only one God here, Veteran. Me.

Player put his hands on Rose and B-day's heads.

Rose: What's this feeling? Oh, a blessing from the divine one?

B-day: Um, no, it feels more like death.

Rose: Oh.

Rose and B-day both turned into golden statues.

Player: I no longer require your services.

He laughed maniacally.

Veteran: Nice job, Player, those guys were about to kill us in the name of some "divine one".

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