Chapter 33: Among Us logic: Fat Impostor

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Veteran was stuck in a vent.

Veteran: Help! Help!

A pause scene happened.

Veteran: Yep. That's me, the hunky ball of muscle and mass you see before your eyes. Soak it in people, that form was sculpted by the Goddess herself. But I guess you're wondering how I got into this situation in the first place, huh? Well, it all started with something completely unrelated, that I would have no way of knowing about. Let's watch.

It unpaused on the Airship where both Engineer and Gnome were screaming and running.

Engineer: Run faster, babe! If my calculations are correct, his kill cooldown is nearly finished!

Gnome: I'm trying, Engi, but I have short beanie legs!

Engineer: All of our legs are precisely 8.40625 inches long!

Player: (from behind) Come back here!

The two screamed again and Player was the one chasing them.

Player: Come on, Player! They're the only ones left, just gotta kill one of them and you win!

Engineer: This way!

Gnome: Are you sure?

Engineer: Trust me.

Player: Ha, they're going into Ventilation? They'll be cornered! I'm actually gonna do it this time!

Engineer and Gnome went into Ventilation and Gnome shut the door before Player could get in.

Player: What the? That's new. Okay, they're still trapped in there, I got this.

Player swiped the card lock but failed so he did it again but it failed again


Engineer got on the ground and got out some chalk.

Engineer: Just gotta do some quick calculations.

Player was still trying to open the door.

Player: This is it! This is it!

Engineer wrote down some math equations.

Engineer: Carry the one.

The door cracked open a little.

Gnome: He's still coming through!

Player started to rapidly swiped his card.

Player: Open already!

Engineer: Accounting for wind resistance.

Gnome: Engi!

Engineer stood up.

Engineer: Got it. (wrapped his arm around Gnome) Hold on tight!

Engineer got out a grappling hook.

Gnome: Good luck.

Engineer fired the grappling hook and swang him and Gnome across before Player got them.

Player: What? No! How did you even do that?!

Engineer: Skywalker role mod, dump jock.

Gnome: Better luck next time, Player.

They ran to the meeting room and Player got ejected.

Player was the Impostor.

Player: Great, another game lost, all thanks to some contrived last-minute change-up that came out of nowhere. I'm so tired of playing with these stupid mods, there's no logic to any of them.

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