Chapter 45: RETURN of TRICKY?! Friday Night Funkin' Logic

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Y/n was in his Dragon form and he along with Player were facing some sort of floating red head along with a pair of hands.

Girlfriend/Kelly: Player/Y/n!

The creature was winding up for a punch and a man that looked like a ninja with red goggles and a shotgun was standing on a rock.

Ninja: Okay. Time to end this.

He shot at the creature but it punched him away.

Girlfriend: That's not good.

Kelly: This is beyond bad.

Girlfriend: What's the plan now, Dragon boy?

Y/n: I'm thinking we sacrifice you to it.

Kelly: Can you both just stop fighting!

Player: Girlfriend, protect me!

Earlier that day.

The gang was falling into a white void until they found themselves in a train station. Girlfriend and Kelly landed nicely on their speakers, Y/n used his wings to slow down his fall enough to let him land on his feet, and Player landed hard on his face.

Y/n: Player, are you okay?

Player: (getting up) I'm fine. Where the heck are we? What mod is this? And is there a chance you could change out of your Dragon form.

Y/n: I don't know how.

Player: But you used it at the church.

Y/n: I was just naturally doing it that time and used 00.0005% of my power.

Kelly: Don't worry, I'll help you. Just clear your mind and relax.

Y/n did what Kelly said and he turned back to normal.

Y/n: Ah, there we go.

Girlfriend: Good thing, because that form made you look hideous. Although, I can't see any improvement in your current form.

Y/n: Please, as if any form that you have that we probably won't see for a long while will be any better.

Girlfriend: Wait, are you foreshadowing for something or...

Player: We can talk about this later. Right now, I need to know where we're at.

Girlfriend: I don't know, but it sucks.

Y/n: I think it's kinda nice.

Girlfriend: Of course you do, your expectations for everything are too low.

Y/n: They're not as low as you think. After all, I can't even find myself liking you, and I like everybody.

Kelly: Sis, babe, please.

Just than, a train pulled up and a guy in a secret agent suit and a gas mask came out of it.

Gas mask agent: Hey, who said my mod sucked? I heard it.

Girlfriend: Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to insult you, it's just that we've seen way cooler and more interesting places during our adventures.

Player: Yeah, it's nothing personal.

Y/n: I mean, we did see another train station, but it wasn't nearly as cool as this one.

Kelly: Yeah, I like how shiny it is.

Gas mask agent: Uh, thanks I guess.

Player: What's your name, dude?

Agent Anders: Anders, Agent Anders. And I'm afraid I have been commissioned to end your life.

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