Chapter 35: Friday Night Funkin' Logic: Tankman

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Player, Y/n, Girlfriend and Kelly were in some kind of war zone and they were up against a man with black and white armor and Girlfriend and Kelly were sobbing as two more men were holding them by gunpoint.

Black and white man: Well, well, well, what do we got here?

Player: Um, my name's Player.

Y/n: I'm Y/n, and you're going to be sorry if you don't let my girlfriend go.

Black and white man: We should just kill you, but what the heck? It's been a boring day, why don't you tell me what you two and your two-bit girlfriends are doing here?

Player: Well, it all started back around week four.

Week 4.

Player and Y/n were standing on top of a black limo and both Girlfriend and Kelly were sitting on the usual speaker.

Girlfriend: Great job, Boyfriend and Kenneth, we're on to week four.

Y/n: Okay, do you act like yes because you know it will upset the people around you or is this just how you are?

Kelly: Sis, they've told you time and time again that their names are Player and Y/n.

Girlfriend giggled.

Player: No, no, don't Teehee. We're not joking, our names are Player and Y/n.

Kelly: Can you please acknowledge what they're staying to you?

Girlfriend started to space out as her eyes were slowly turning red while Y/n was talking.

Y/n: You wouldn't like it if we called you devil girl or stupid girl or something like that, right?

Kelly started waving her hand in front of Girlfriend's face.

Kelly: Hey, are you even listening to him?!

Player stumped his foot.

Player: Ugh, this is so frustrating.

Y/n: This is one of the reasons I love you, Kelly, because you are able to handle that as a sister.

???: Hey, watch it, bub.

Player/Y/n: Hm?

They both looked down and saw a purple skin colored Imp man with sunglasses and black hair completely with a huge smile in the limo's driver side window.

Imp driver: quite scratching the ride, kid, before I have to sick all my boys on you and your friend.

Y/n/Player: Your boys?

Imp driver: Yeah, the toughest henchmen this side of Friday.

There were four more imp man on another limo.

Imp driver: You got Slick Beat, Domino, Regular Beat, and Clyde the Cool Cat Cristiano.

Player: Coool.

Y/n: Slick Beat and Regular Beat? Lazy naming if I've ever seen it.

Player: So, are you guys like joint bosses for this level or...

They heard giggling and it came from a woman with purple skin, long red hair, a black leather jacket over a red dress, and black leather heels.

Player: Whoa.

Woman: Well, hello there, Player and Y/n.

Y/n: Well, at least someone besides Kelly can take a hint.

Player: Our names aren't- Wait, you called us Player and Y/n.

Woman: Of course, those are your names, right? My daughters Girlfriend and Kelly tell me everything.

Player: You're Girlfriend and Kelly's mom?

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