S2 Episode 13: Shadows! The Blade Of Theseus!!

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*Bell stared at the converted Theseus with shocked eyes as Tara stared at him, her purple eyes were staring right into his soul*

Bell: What just happened? What happened to Theseus?

Tara: I'll be showing no mercy in this battle, i'm going to absolutely crush you in this battle!

*Tara's eyes began to burn with a purple flame as Bell could feel the stare of death strike him in the soul!

Bell: T-Tch..!


*Valt and Shu watched as Tara's aura was starting to glow faintly*

Valt: This is supposedly the final battle, i wonder what Tara is up to now..

Shu: I don't know but i think we're about to discover it's secrets..

Valt: What do you mean?

Shu: Tara changed the blade of her bey, something is definitely up with it or else she wouldn't be making a big deal out of it..


*Bell switched his A-Gear into the 6-Bladed Defense mode and switched the H-Gear into High Mode and he stared up at Tara who was now changing the Drivers modes: By twisting a dial, a rubber sharp was dragged into a plastic hole flat tip*

Bell: What are you doing?

Tara: Same thing you're doing, changing modes and all.

Bell: Changing modes huh? Well two can play at that game, we're going to go with High Mode and Defense Mode all at once, how do you like that?!

*Tara just stared at Bell, a bit surprised at how confident he was*

Tara: You can act confident all you want but you're not going to win this battle, i'll destroy you right where you stand!

Bell: The one doing all the destroying is me! You are in for a world of hurt!!

Tara: Is that so, in that case you should have no trouble taking me on in our Left Rotation!

*Tara held up her bey once again as it started to glow and Bell was a bit surprised at what he was seeing, this was Left Spin Mode?!*

Ranzo: 3rd Battle!!

*The bladers took their positions and the battle between the 2 finally began*

Ranzo: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Zero Theseus was now spinning in the opposite direction as before and it zoomed right past Divine Belial as it charged around the stadium*

Bell: So it is Left Spin..!


*Shu and Valt were surprised at what they were seeing, Theseus's secrets were officially unveiled!*

Valt: So that's its other ability!

Shu: Unexpected but not surprising..


*Belial and Theseus were coming in for a head on clash and Belial was going in for the kill*

Bell: Alright Belial! Show no mercy!!

*Belial and Theseus collide with all their might but Belial was the one who was sent flying*

Bell: No way!!

Tara: Hmm...

*Belial was falling towards the stadium at a rapid pace, it was still in the game*

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