Episode 34: Fight-Or-Flight! Wind Knight!!

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*It had been some time later and Bell stared down at his Belial in his mansion which was starting to glow brightly, with no hesitation, Bell was pulled into his Dreamscape and saw Belial in front of him*

Belial: It's been a rough few days, what the heck happened out there?

Bell: Even with Ultimate Gear, we've barely been able to get any progress on getting even stronger, i mean the Beyblade Ultimate World Series is only a week and a half away and yet, we're not getting any stronger.

Belial: We lose to Chiyoh and now to a blader we've never seen before! Forget Cassiel, Wind Knight is a bey we cannot let pass, it's crucial we find a way to beat it.

Bell: If you ask me, Knight poses just as much of a threat as Cassiel does!

Belial: We are nowhere near strong enough to even take a head-on attack from Cassiel, if we can defeat Knight then that's a step in the right direction!

Bell: What about Super Hyperion and King Helios? What am i supposed to do about them?

Belial: It is true that we also lost to them but they serve no threat to our goals. Besides, you made a new Evolution Gear based off of those two beys, for now that is enough.

Bell: So how do you suggest going about defeating Knight?!

Belial: I leave that to you.

*The Dreamscape disappeared and Bell began to seethe with anger*

Bell: Dang it!!

*Bell looked down at his bey and stared at all the gears that were equipped to it, Belial was really now "Perfect" but what was he missing? He felt like he was missing something.*

Bell: What are we missing Belial? Our plan to beat Chiyoh was perfect, so what happened? Is there something that Chiyoh knows about that we don't, what could it be?

*Bell was completely lost in his thoughts that he didn't notice Chiyoh standing in the doorway and just watching him and she didn't notice Rashad standing behind her*

Rashad: You want to battle him again do you?

*Chiyoh turned around a bit startled and saw Rashad towering over her*

Chiyoh: No, after losing to me the other day, he's no longer a worthy challenge to me.

Rashad: And what about Valt? Is he not a worthy challenge anymore?

Chiyoh: I won against him but it was not what i would call a true victory.

Rashad: A true victory? Are you saying just winning against Valt wasn't enough?

Chiyoh: Valt was holding back and i know why! He's afraid of me, he's afraid that i'll do the same thing you did to his Savior Valkyrie. He's afraid that i could destroy him with everything i have and he knows that, he knows that i can destroy Valkyrie and any other bey that i want.

Rashad: You call yourself a Queen but you'll get knocked down a peg soon enough, whether you be defeated by Valt or Bell, you're going to fall at some point.

Chiyoh: Is that so?

Rashad: And when that time comes, i won't be here to clean up after your mess, if anything i'll be laughing because you deserve the defeat that'll eventually come to you.

*Rashad turned and walked away as Chiyoh stared after him with a sinister smile, not wanting to stay at the mansion any longer, Chiyoh started to leave as well.*


*Valt was still training with his Ultimate Valkyrie and flashbacks of the battle between Bell and Chiyoh flashed in his mind*

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