Episode 48: Shining Belial!!

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*It was the following day and Bell had to train as hard as he could in order to beat Chiyoh and her Royal Cassiel! Bell stood alone in a training room as he continued to battle Basara more and more*

Basara: Moment Crash!!

Bell: Divine Bomber!!

*The 2 beys clashed with full force and were knocked back from the explosive attacks from both ends*

Bell: Now blow it to cinders! Divine Bomber, again!!

*Belial comes back around and strikes Bahamut while it was down and burst through it like it was nothing*

Basara: Tch..!!

Ranzo: Divine Belial with a Burst Finish! Bell Daikokuten is the winner!!

*Bell crossed his arms and started to laugh loudly*

Bell: How did you like that? Belial is invincible!! I wish i could battle more opponents though than just you guys..

Basara: Still, even though you've managed to beat me and Ranzo numerous times, that's not an accurate representation of how strong Cassiel truly is. You can't battle Valt yet and Shu and his Spriggan are out of commission, so you only have us to battle until then.

Ranzo: He's right amigo, everyone after they lost were carried off the boat. The only reason we're still here is because Valt vouched for us and you at least need a few training partners.

*Bell wasn't listening, he looked down at his bey and frowned, he needed to come up with a good enough plan to beat Cassiel, he already knew the weakness but he needed a plan to execute that weakness for good!*

Bell: I need your help.

Ranzo: Help? Who are you and what have you done with our friend Bell?!

Basara: What do you need help with?

Bell: I have everything regarding Cassiel mapped out but i need a plan, a strategy that's going to help me defeat her for good.

Ranzo: A plan you say?

Basara: Well i think one good idea is to go with A-Gear in attack mode while going with Low Mode like you always do.

Bell: But that's basically the same plan i've been using this whole tournament! You really think that's going to work against Cassiels overwhelming defenses?

Basara: It could work, it might not. Either way, it's your best shot at exploiting Cassiels weakness

*Bell looked down at his Belial and his smile came back, he wasn't sure if that plan was going to work but it was worth a try*


*Chiyoh Rei was all alone in a training room and her mind dwelled on what Bell had told her the night before*

"I look forward to battling you in the finals! battles with you are the most fun in the world!"

Chiyoh: I don't need him.. I don't need Valt and i don't need anyone else. The Queen Of Light rules at the top of the blading world and needs nobody else to distract me!

*Chiyoh looked down at her bey and it started to glow with a bright aura and the light immediately blinded her! When Chiyoh's sight returned, she was in a sparkling purple dreamscape and in front of her was her beys Avatar: Cassiel*


Chiyoh: Wait.. Are you...?

Cassiel: That is correct, i am Cassiel!

*Chiyoh was in absolute disbelief, she had no idea this was what Cassiel looked like and she was shocked that something like this was even possible*

Chiyoh: Cassiel.. What is all this?

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