Episode 46: Semi-Finals! It's An Explosion!!

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*It was the next day and the day of the Semi-Finals were here and the matches would be taking place later that evening but for now, Valt decided to have a word with Wakiya about something*

Wakiya: So this is something regarding Chiyoh again huh?

Valt: She's destroyed 3 beys that we know off so far, i can't let her keep doing this.

Wakiya: What did i say before? There's nothing you can do for her anymore, all you can do is sit and watch at this point.

Valt: So do you want me to watch her and destroy someone's bey without any repercussions? I know there's nothing i can do to help her but i can't keep letting her do this, it's not right.

*Wakiya sighed and rubbed the back of his neck*

Wakiya: I know how much she means to you but you can't do anything on behalf of yourself or even on the behalf of the wbba.

Valt: You don't understand what you're asking me to do, you know what we had to go through to bring Shu back and did so by defeating him and showing him the light, why is this time any different?

Wakiya: Things have changed since then, the Snake Pit has been very quiet since those days and.. Chiyoh's not going take it from you.

Valt: But you think Bell can do it?

Wakiya: Based on what i've heard, Bell has had the most impact negative and positive on her. Bell can show her something that maybe you can't, Chiyoh isn't Shu.

Valt: And Shu is going to be battling against Chiyoh today, what then? What if Chiyoh does to Spriggan what she did to Griffin? What's going to happen then, when one of our best friends to someone i could stop, i can stop Chiyoh, i know i can do it.

Wakiya: I know you can but this isn't about you Valt, you're here as someone for everyone else to beat, you're here as the end goal and if Chiyoh wins it all, you'll get your chance then.

Valt: And what if i don't? And if i do, then what if i fail? What's going to happen then?

*Wakiya finally caved, as much as he was one to follow the rules, he couldn't say no to one of his best friends*

Wakiya: Fine, if Chiyoh makes it past the Semi-Finals then i'll arrange an exhibition match for you and her to battle, but Valt.. If i do this, you better win this time.

Valt: Don't worry, i have something planned.. something special just for her.


*Bell was training as hard as he could for the coming battle against Aiga, he had to give it everything he had if he was to make it to the finals*

Bell: Belial.. It's the final stretch, we make it past Aiga then we're finally going to make it to the finals!!

*Belial began to glow brightly as Bell began to smile, he was confident that he would beat Aiga and make it to the Finals of the Beyblade Ultimate World Series!*

Bell: Let's do this thing, Belial..!


*It was later that evening and the Semi-Final battles had finally began! Aiga and Bell had made it to the arena and they stepped up to the stadium*

Aiga: it's finally time for us to battle once again, i've gotten much much stronger since we last met.

Bell: Indeed! But i have gotten much stronger too, we're going to win this battle and Me and Belial are going to the Finals!

*Aiga held up his Achilles which was in Right Spin with the removed, initiating Balance Mode*

Bell: Balance Mode.. in that case, we're not going to show any mercy, let's do this thing Belial!

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