Episode 38: Ultimate Gear Training! Pulse Wyvern!!

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*With there only being 1 day left until the Beyblade Ultimate World Series, Bell decided he needed to amp up the training but he had no idea who to battle next, he had battled Rashad countless times but now he needed someone new, Kit was unavailable and so was Ranzo and Basara as they were busy with their own training so Bell's hands were tied, he had no idea who to face*

Bell: It's hopeless! I will never find a new opponent at this rate!!

*Bell fell to his knees in despair but not before the gates to the mansion opened up and Wakiya stood there at the doorway*

Bell: Wakiya? What are you doing here?

*Wakiya came in and stepped up to the stadium in front of Bell, he had some interesting news for Bell*

Wakiya: Well, i've come to tell you that you have been selected for the Beyblade Ultimate World Series Opening Battle and your opponent for the opening match is Shu Kurenai from Block B!

Bell: So i'm up against Shu huh?

Wakiya: I envy you if you defeat him, i could never be able to do that myself.

*Wakiya chuckled a bit and immediately got into why he was there*

Wakiya: I saw your loss to Chiyoh and i also saw Belial in its Ultimate Gear form, so i decided to take it upon myself to evolve my bey Wyvern into the BU Series too!

*Wakiya held up his new BU Bey and it's shape was very similar to that of his previous Jet Wyvern but this time, it had rubber going around the entire blade and it still kept the free spinning ability! The combo used the Fortress Disk, a new Metal Atomic driver and a 6 Armor*

Wakiya: I would like you to meet Pulse Wyvern, it'll be your training partner for the day!

Bell: Why exactly are you doing this?

Wakiya: Because i've noticed you have not been using those upgrades to the best of their ability, i mean that's the whole point of them right? To make Belial stronger, why is it on a losing streak then?!

Bell: I beat Rashad with it!

Wakiya: You've beaten Rashad with Perfect Gear before so it doesn't count! I'm going to teach you how to use those gears to their fullest potential and trust me, this could get messy so i'd prepare yourself if i were you.

*Wakiya lead Bell to his old home and Bell was amazed at all the training equipment that Wakiyas home had, there were treadmills, weight machines and even a VR Machine but after the Asahi Bros Incident, Wakiya kept people away from it until it was perfected and he tried to his hardest to keep Bell away from it. Eventually, Wakiya lead Bell to a stadium in a wide open space of the manor, it was the same place where he trained the Asahi bros and his friends.*

Wakiya: The battle is going to go on until you can burst my Wyvern and in mine and your case, that's not going to be easy but it'll teach you how to put those gears to work.

*Bell looked at Wakiya and looked down at his Belial, a butler came up to the stadium to be a referee for the battle*

Butler: Alright, 1st Battle!!

*The 2 bladers took their positions and the battle began*

Butler: Ready Set!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Pulse Wyvern headed to the center right off the bat as Divine Belial raced around the stadium at full speed*

Wakiya: Strike at me using all of Belial's techniques! Show me what you can do!!

Bell: Now go for it!!

*Belial comes charging in and slams into Wyvern with full force but was repelled due to Wyvern's free spinning ring*

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