Episode 1: The Star That Fell! Star Fragment!!

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It had been 1 month after the intense events of the Bell VS Valt VS Rashad Tournament and the Beyblade world was thriving with the true meaning of Beyblade! Demon King Bell Daikokuten was just as powerful as ever as he stood in the infamous Gates Of Hell with his friends Ranzo Kiyama and Basara Suriyu!

Bell: HAHAHA!! You all will cower in the might of the Demon King!!

*Dangerous Belial, Bells bey was charging around the stadium at full speed as it struck down Basaras Roar Bahamut and ended the battle with a burst*

Drone: Dangerous Belial with a Burst Finish! Bell Daikokuten is the winner!!!

Basara: Strong as always..

Ranzo: Amigo is incredibly strong! I call dibs on next battle!!

*Bell began to laugh once more as he held up his Dangerous Belial, the 3 sided bey glowing with all its Evolution Gears attached*

Bell: In that case, then i'll bring you to ruin as well!!

*Bell had also completely wrecked Ranzo as well, Bell and Belial were completely unstoppable! The Demon King began to laugh as his cape spread out like wings*

Bell: Is that all you can do? I've seen better!!

*Basara and Hannah just stood off to the side as they watched Bell continue to body Ranzo*

Basara: The Demon King is at it again..

Hannah: Glad to see nothing has changed..


*The last battle for the day was underway and Belial was coming in hot, The L and F Gears glowing bright*

Bell: Ignite and Explode! Dangerous Bomber!!!

*Belial clashed with Cyclone Ragnaruk and it went flying into the air and burst*

Ranzo: Tch.. Strong as always Amigo..!!

Bell: Like i always say, it's not that you are weak, i'm just that powerful!!

*Bells Grandfather, Jingemon Daikokuten came into the Theater Of Hell as Bell and the others were now getting done for the day*

Jingemon: Bell! You have a message from BC Sol, it's from Valt!

Bell: From Valt!?

*Bell dashed off and he had went into his bedroom and answered the call*

Bell: Valt!?

*Valt appeared on the IPad screen, Rashad was also with him*

Valt: Bell, i'm happy to announce that Me, Rashad and Ilya will be returning to Japan in the coming days. I've been wanting to have a battle with you since the tournament!

Bell: A battle you say? In that case, bring it on then! I'll gladly accept your challenge!

Rashad: Since you were the winner of the Tournament, the wbba has given you the choice of the location of the battle, it can be wherever you want it to be at.

Bell: Hmm.. The Gates Of Hell!

*Valt and Rashad sweatdropped and chuckled nervously*

Valt: I figured as much.. We'll be there before you know it, don't have too much fun without us.

*Valt left the call and Bell laid back in the bed as thoughts began to rush through his head*

Bell: Me and Valt having a fun battle, this ought to be good.. Though it won't be anything the Demon King can't handle!!

*Bell jumped up and ran back to the Theater Of Hell as Ranzo and Basara were still waiting*

Ranzo: Amigo, what was that all about?

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