Episode 45: Victory Or Defeat! To The Semi-Finals!!

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*It was later that day and the Block B Battles for the 2nd Round were going to begin shortly, in the meantime, Gigi was alone in a training room as he practiced for his coming battle. Gigi had battled against Chiyoh before but he was just barely able to take the win back then*

Gigi: Royal Cassiel, it's defenses are really something else. It's not like before where her bey was purely an attack type but no, her new bey can do it all even for a Defense Type.. Griffin, we've got this in the bag either way, there's no way that defense can hold forever.

*Gigi continued to train and his beys avatar appeared behind him, it lifted its head and let out a screeching roar*


*Chiyoh stood alone in a training room too and her battle with Gigi was about to start but she couldn't help but think about Bell, what was it that he wanted?*

Chiyoh: I defeated Bell numerous times with this newfound power of mine but still, he always seems to come crawling back to me? Why?

*Chiyoh just didn't get why Bell took such an interest in her, especially after she had defeated him easily prior to the Tournament*

Chiyoh: Bell.. what's your deal? What about me makes me want you to battle me more, i don't want to battle you again.. Even for a Demon King, you're so dull and boring and you aren't a worthy challenge for me anymore, same with Valt.


*It was time for the battle between Chiyoh Rei and her Royal Cassiel and Gigi Ishikawa and his Arrow Griffin to finally begin! The bladers made it to the arena and they stepped up to the stadium*

Gigi: Chiyoh Rei, it's been some time since we last battled and i must say, you look incredible now that you've actually taken things seriously.

*Chiyoh wasn't impressed with Gigi's flattering remarks but she didn't feel THAT cold to embarrass him in front of everyone*

Chiyoh: I'm flattered but that's not going to save you from my wrath today.

Gigi: I just gave you a compliment, you should really be thanking me. Without a loss against me, would you have really create Cassiel?

Chiyoh: I have Cassiel because of what Bell did to me, and i didn't create Cassiel. Cassiel created me, Cassiel made me the Queen Of Light..!

*Chiyoh's aura of purple and blue began to glow intensely and it swirled around her like a vortex*

Chiyoh: I am Cassiel..!

*Gigi took a step back as the power being displayed by Chiyoh was so intense and unsettling, Gigi just smirked as he held up his bey*

Gigi: You can gloat about your Queen Of Light title all you want but anything you do is meaningless in the face of Arrow Griffin's power! My prediction for this battle is that Cassiel will be burst for the first time!

*Chiyoh smiled and let out a small laugh at Gigi's prediction, she had never heard something so ridiculous in her entire life*


*Valt, Shu, Bell and Ranzo were watching from the stands and Bell was watching Chiyoh closely, he could now tell something was just not right*

Bell: Somethings not right, there's something else going on with Chiyoh..!

Ranzo: Really? What is it?

Bell: I'm not sure, it feels so clear but.. i can't put a finger on it.

Valt: Chances are, we're going to see something happen in this battle that shouldn't happen..

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