S2 Episode 11: Ultimate Gear! VS-Gear!!

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*It was later that night and Bell was about to go to sleep but for now, he wondered what was to come, these thoughts were becoming more and more frequent*

Bell: Whatever comes next, and whoever i face, i'll crush them with no problem at all!

---The Next Day---

*It was the next day and Bell was training as hard as he could with his new VS-Gear, he had only won one battle against Basara but he needed a stronger opponent, someone who could actually give him a bit of a challenge!*

Bell: We're one step closer to being the ultimate blader but we need to master this new VS-Gear, what can we possibly do now?

*it was at that moment that Shu Kurenai entered the Gates Of Hell and Bell just grinned fiercely, his chance to get his revenge on Shu had finally come*

Bell: Finally! I can finally have my revenge against you, Shu Kurenai!

*Shu Kurenai looked at the Demon King and a slight smile formed on his face, he willingly agreed to the battle but he also had news for Bell*

Shu: I accept your challenge... However..

*The Demon King tilted his head in confusion*

Bell: What is it?

Shu: The blader me and Valt told you about, the blader from the Snake Pit. She's here in Japan and she's coming, the wbba has sent me here to train you as much as i can before she arrives.

Bell: Wait! She's here?! In Japan?!

Shu: Yes, she showed up yesterday at the wbba HQ and some of our worst fears have been confirmed. She's here to gather data on Belial and not only that, but to drag you back to the Snake Pit with her.

Bell: To The Snake Pit?

Shu: I don't know why Tara wants Belial's data but it can't be anything good, i heard about your new VS-Gear and i'm here to make sure you have it mastered.

Bell: In that case, let's get this started!

*Valt and Ranzo had also arrived as well and from the shadows, Tara was also watching the battle from the doorway*

Valt: Bell VS Shu.. this ought to be an interesting battle.

Ranzo: 1st Battle!!!


*Tara was stalking the battle from the doorway and her purple eyes began to glow brightly*

Tara: a battle between Bell Daikokuten and Shu Kurenai, this ought to be interesting...


*The bladers had taken their positions and the battle between the 2 had begun*

Ranzo: Ready Set!!!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*The beys were off and Spriggan had taken the center in Right Spin Mode as Divine Belial raced around the stadium at full speed*

Bell: Alright Belial! Show it no mercy!!

*Belial comes charging in and began to fire off a barrage of attacks on Spriggan but it was able to defend against them all*

Shu: It's not going to be that easy, Spriggan has Burst Locks just as well as Belial, attacks like those won't even phase us at all!

Bell: So that explains why it's so hard to Burst, it has the ability to be impossible to burst..

*Belial strikes out at Spriggan using its A-Gear and it finally sent it flying but the battle wasn't over yet!*

Shu: Strike with Counter Break!!

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