S2 Episode 6: Explosive Strike! Divine Bomber!!

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*It had been a few days later and Bell was getting more stronger than ever before but now, he had come to a rather unfortunate conclusion, Belial wasn't as complete as he originally thought, he had been dragged into the Dreamscape to discuss this with Belial*

Bell: We are not as complete as we originally thought, we managed to beat Hyperion and Helios but now things have changed! You're not as complete as we originally thought, as far as i'm concerned, even with H-Gear, we're still in the Perfect Gear stage!

Belial: I agree but, if you can create a Gear so strong that it'll make us invincible, then only then can we call ourselves the Ultimate Team! Only then will i be Ultimate!

Bell: I understand but there's also something else on my mind too..

Belial: The Snake Pit, and about what Valt said to us recently, i get it.

Bell: If there really is a blader coming after us, then we have no choice but to really up our skills!

Belial: I mean that is a given but another issue remains, we know nothing about this so-called Blader that's after us. We got to know something about this blader if we're gonna get stronger!

Bell: I get that, but how are we going to get information on this blader if we know nothing about them?

Belial: The wbba must have something on their bey, how about starting there?

*The dreamscape faded and Bell woke back up as he stood at the stadium, he had to find out something about this new blader*


*Valt and Shu sat alone at the BeyPark and they began to wonder about what was to come and Shu looked down at his new Burst Spriggan.*

Shu: It's still hard to believe the Snake Pit is back, i thought i had put all of that behind me and hoped that the Snake Pit fell to the darkness where it belongs but now.. i see that can't be a reality now..

Valt: That's not true, we can defeat the Snake Pit. We've done it before and we'll do it again, you and me!

Shu: I wish it were that simple.. It's been 4, almost 5 years since it all of that began. Ashram has had plenty of time to plot his revenge and now he's deciding to strike..

Valt: Still, there has to be a way to beat him..

Shu: We'll have to do some heavy thinking in order to do so, Ashram isn't going down without a fight, but that much should be clear by now.

Valt: Shu, our beys are the strongest they've ever been, we can do this. Our beys are the ultimate evolutions of both Spriggan and Valkyrie, the Snake Pit can't defeat that!

*Shu smiled a bit as he clenched his bey tightly, he knew Valt was right but still, something was bugging him, he just wasn't sure what it was just yet.*

Shu: You know, i'll be taking Spriggan to the next level.

Valt: Yeah, i figured.

*Shu held up his Burst Spriggan and held it at an angle, it had a new disk attached to it*

Valt: A New Disk?

Shu: Correct, i've taken Spriggan's evolution to the max and gave it the missing piece it needed.

*The new Combo for Spriggan was now Burst Spriggan.Spread'.Merge'-8, Shu Kurenai's new Spriggan was finally 100% completed*


*Bell had returned home to the Gates Of Hell after a day of training with Ranzo and the others and to his surprise, he finds Drum Koryu standing at the stadium*

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