Episode 9: Guardian Of The Underworld! Chain Kerbeus!!

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*it wasn't long after Bell had repaired the Burst Lock on Belial and thoughts of Chiyoh were flooding his mind, he had no idea what to do now that he had suffered such a crushing defeat*

Bell: That was such a crushing defeat but soon enough, i'll show her the true power of the Demon King once more!!

*Bell started to laugh loudly as Ranzo and Basara were watching him*

Ranzo: Yeah i think Amigo's lost it.

Basara: Can't say i blame him, we both got completely annihilated by Chiyoh.. she's getting stronger and stronger by the second.

Ranzo: Still, i've never seen Bell this worked up before.. just what is going on between him and Chiyoh..?


*Valt Aoi was alone on top of Beigoma Academy and he sees Kensuke Midorikawa as he stepped up towards the bench, Kensuke held up his new bey as it gleamed in the light*

Valt: Ah so it's finally done!

Kensuke: Yeah, this is Chain Kerbeus!

*The New Chain Kerbeus had a very circular but jagged shape. The core had rubber within and the blade had chains that could move inwards and outwards, it had a new disk called Fortress that had never been seen before, a Yard' Driver and the 6 Armor*

Kensuke (Through Keru): Be honest with me, what do you think?

Kensuke (Through Besu): Yeah, be honest.

*Valt just smiled at his friend and looked at the newly evolved Kerbeus.*

Valt: I look forward to seeing it in action, who are you going to battle against first?

Kensuke (Through Keru): Well i heard some weird think about a Demon King? Apparently he's some big-shot kid who uses a bey called Belial.

Valt: Oh, you mean Bell? You want to challenge a strong opponent so quickly?

Kensuke: Because i want an opponent who can provide a challenge before i face off with you, i think Bell will be a great first test.

*Valt just smiled and patted his friend on the shoulder*

Valt: Well alright then, show him what you're made of.

*Kensuke nodded and he turned and walked away and headed to the Gates Of Hell*


*Kensuke had arrived at the Gates Of Hell and he walked into the Theater Of Hell and saw that Bell and Ranzo were training but they didn't notice*

Kensuke (Through Keru): Hey!!

*The two looked up and looked at the blader standing next to the stadium, Ranzo instantly knew who he was but Bell was completely clueless*

Ranzo: K-Kensuke?!

Bell: You know this guy?

Ranzo: Bell, this is Kensuke Midorikawa! He's one of Valts old rivals, my relative Rantaro told me a bit about him!

Kensuke: He's right. I'm an old friend of Valt's and i've known him a long time.

Bell: Are you a blader or something?

*Kensuke said nothing and his new Chain Kerbeus appeared in the mouth of Keru*

Kensuke: Have a look for yourself, this is Chain Kerbeus!

Bell: Chain Kerbeus huh?

Kensuke: I wonder how your Belial will fare against its supreme defense.

Bell: Is that so? In that case, i'll gladly destroy you with the true power of the Demon King!

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